I still have like two or three proprietary apps on my phone. One of them is a bank app. They decided to use a split APK, which Yalp Store cannot install without root privileges.

One less proprietary app on my phone! πŸŽ‰ 🀐 😞

Android has introduced split APKs, which makes life difficult for people using de-Googlified phones.

I'm using Yalp store on LineageOS. Installing split APKs requires that you have a rooted device.

Steps to install an app with a split APK:

1. Enable the following setting in Yalp Store:
Settings -> Installation method -> Using root

2. Install the app with the split APK.

3. Toggle it back to the default method after your installation is done.

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After jumping through all these hoops and installing the bank app, it refused to run because the device is rooted. 🀣

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Cant you just download the file and install one of the files from the file manager? Few of the apps crashed repeatedly but most of em seem to work.

if bank app check for roots, you can hide it with Magisk manager (if rooted with Magisk).

Probably, bank app check for SafetyNet and not running.

@zeh Yes, I eventually did that. Magisk Hide in my case.

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