My Pioneer edition FreedomBox running on in-built battery backup during a minor power outage today.

I have minor power outages of a few minutes a day at my place during the rainy season. When I was running FreedomBox on a bare Raspberry Pi 2 earlier, I had to replace the microSD card once a year due to damage. The Pioneer edition has solved this problem for me.

If I understand correctly, this is still microsd based, so why is it more robust than a rasperry?

@RLetot @njoseph

He says that the Pioneer Edition FreedomBox is more robust than a "bare" Raspberry Pi 2.

The point is that the Pioneer Edition FreedomBox has a backup battery which provides 5-hours of power, while a bare Raspberry Pi does not. The battery is what makes the Pioneer device more reliable in cases of power outage.

@freedomboxfndn @njoseph
said that he had to replace the microsd cards once a year due to damage. The power outages would damage microsd cards ???


@RLetot @freedomboxfndn Sometimes it was file system corruption and other times it was physical damage to the microSD card. Yes, I blame it on the random power outages.

There are other early adopters running FreedomBox on the same microSD card since 2015 but they had stable power supply or backup power.

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