Periodic reminder to move your free software projects out of Microsoft GitHub.

Here's my collection of public free software hosting sites.

Self-hosting a Gitea instance is also a good option if you have a server.

@njoseph How do you replace all the social aspects that Github offers? E.g. mentioning/notifying other users, quick editing by forking etc.? We use that a lot on e.g. stackage. This is the only thing that keeps me on Github.

@turion @njoseph there is work by @forgefed to use activitypub for that. IIRC gitlab was interested in implementing it, same with gitea

@Linux @njoseph is commercial and hosted at Google Cloud so it's the worst option of all,in no way better than GitHub.But there are already four instances of GitLabs open source version in the list.

@nipos @njoseph

Ok, thanks for the info. Wasn't quite aware of those aspects.

@nipos @njoseph

Just makes one wonder how difficult it is for any regular non tech savvy person to get any hold on ANY of this :blobthinkingeyes:

I thought GitLab was a fine choice myself until now.

Must be part of some grand plan from the shadows to fragment all off the charts. Control is the name of the game in this system, not money that much.

@Linux @njoseph Yes,it's really very difficult and I don't know why a open source project which wants to get more trust than Github is stupid enough to use Google shit 🙄 You can check where a site is hosted by entering its domain at or you can install the Cloud Firewall Firefox Addon to automatically block all server connections to cloud providers you can select yourself.But please note that this may break many websites.

@njoseph I remember when MS acquired GitHub lots of people started crying "move from GitHub, MS will kill it!"

So, it's been several months already. Github is much better than before. Why should I move from it?

@Groosha @njoseph all along, including long before m$ buying it, githu8 has been a centralized service, running proprietary server software and proprietary JS, promoting the view that "0pen s0urce" is just for convenience and profit and ignoring software freedom, and its development decisions are made by an entity whose primary motivation is money, profit, popularity, control.

If you stopped using githu8, possibly you'd find yourself missing stuff you had there, feeling separate and disconnected. Even if you convinced your friends to join you, you'd be separate from that big group of githu8-only users. And you'd wonder how to create a connected developer community while using free-as-in-freedom decentralized and community oriented tools. How to upgrade back to freedom, back to a by-the-people-for-the-people healthy structure, a culture where the practice comes before the profit.I wondered too, and that's why I'm working on #ForgeFed.

@njoseph Great list 👍 Thank you very much for that 😃 Here are some other great instances you may want to add:
- - Powered by Gogs,the project Gitea was forked from - Hosted by a group
- - Powered by Pagure - Hosted and created by Red Hat
- - Powered by GitLab
- - Powered by Gitea - Hosted in Germany by a single person but open for public
- - Powered by Gitea - Hosted in Germany and open for public
- - Powered by GitLab - Open for public

@nipos Thanks for your inputs. I updated the wiki page with some of the above instances.

@nipos I usually don't recommend joining instances hosted by individuals unless they are explicitly running it for public use, like in the case of Many people just leave public registrations open on their personal Gitea/Gogs instances.

Haven't heard of ggc-project before. Can you tell me more about it?

@njoseph I'm one of the admins there.We host public instances of many different softwares.For example we also offer Mastodon,Matrix or a very popular PeerTube instance.GGC-Project isn't a very big thing and most users are from Germany but we're trying to provide a great service for everyone.

@nipos @njoseph I boosted this, thanks, what a nice list.

(And thanks to Mastodon's 500 chars I could see long post like this.)

@njoseph why tho?

Don't think I'm pro-github. It's just yet another code hosting which was never good and it's hard to make it even worse.

Privacy concerns? Well, that's may be a reason. But if you care enough, you're already avoiding it.
@njoseph yeah, but why though.

sure I have my own git server, and my own fossil server, but why. my own git server mirrors things anyway, it's not like if github implodes all of the stuff on my server will suddenly vanish. github is, in my opinion, fine for hosting public code.

and since I write Go code, half of my dependencies live there too. I'm not going to write a dependency on my own git server, because frankly I trust it *less* than github, with the number of times I've seen migrations eat the database. if I moved entirely off github, I'd have less reliable hosting (because it's just a basement server) and less reliability overall because Gitea still loves to munge databases. *and* I'd have less discoverability, making other people more likely to write their own libraries when a library's been written.

there's a lot more to moving off github than just moving all of your code elsewhere. it's a logistical nightmare. you need to set up whole new processes, change build server SCM pulls, etc, etc. to some, that may be worth it. to me, it really isn't worth the hassle.
@njoseph and I'm not even going to get into the dead links issue that the Web has right now. imagine that, but for dependency trees. frankly i'm happy if a project dies on github rather than elsewhere.
@njoseph i'm sorry i get defensive about this, but to me, every new git server that pops up is just a liability. something to break in the future and tear down my codebase with it. and you're far less likely to get PRs/issues because many people aren't willing to sign up to a single-project git server.

it should be noted that this isn't me defending github itself. it just has the virtue of being the most popular SCM platform. and with that, many more people will feel like they can approach your project since it's already on a site they already use.

@njoseph I wonder if Keybase will ever add public Git hosting support...

Doesn't make sense. GitHub is biggest Plattform so you got more users to contribute

@njoseph great list. it would be also good to have some arguments why move. not everyone is convinced it seems

@njoseph hello, this link appears on my timeline and I'm glad to see it. Thanks.

#freesw #gitea #FOSS


I love the idea of making code hosting more decentralised than github but my one concern is:
how do i post my code in a way i can be somewhat confident the server won't overload or go down

(i use my own server for private repos but i'm concerned about it maybe not being a good experience for people if many users flood into it / what happens to my current server & internet if i move to a new place)

are any of the instances on this list "production ready" for being a good "mirror"?

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