Periodic reminder to move your free software projects out of Microsoft GitHub.

Here's my collection of public free software hosting sites.

Self-hosting a Gitea instance is also a good option if you have a server.

@njoseph Great list 👍 Thank you very much for that 😃 Here are some other great instances you may want to add:
- - Powered by Gogs,the project Gitea was forked from - Hosted by a group
- - Powered by Pagure - Hosted and created by Red Hat
- - Powered by GitLab
- - Powered by Gitea - Hosted in Germany by a single person but open for public
- - Powered by Gitea - Hosted in Germany and open for public
- - Powered by GitLab - Open for public

@nipos Thanks for your inputs. I updated the wiki page with some of the above instances.


@nipos I usually don't recommend joining instances hosted by individuals unless they are explicitly running it for public use, like in the case of Many people just leave public registrations open on their personal Gitea/Gogs instances.

Haven't heard of ggc-project before. Can you tell me more about it?

@njoseph I'm one of the admins there.We host public instances of many different softwares.For example we also offer Mastodon,Matrix or a very popular PeerTube instance.GGC-Project isn't a very big thing and most users are from Germany but we're trying to provide a great service for everyone.

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