How is the team so incredibly ignorant of the use case of blocking domains using the local /etc/hosts file?

Projects like Pi-Hole must now implement their suggested solution to be useful on Firefox. The /etc/hosts file is totally ignored.

/rant starts

And there's this:
> Resolve the “safe-search” variants of and to determine if the network redirects to them

Yeah, because and are not valid enough domain names!


rant on Firefox DoH contd. 

Also, "safe search" is a filter within the web applications. It means nothing at a DNS level.

rant on Firefox DoH contd. 

@njoseph Hmmh? says

"To force SafeSearch for your network, you’ll need to update your DNS configuration. Set the DNS entry for (and any other Google country domains your users may use) to be a CNAME for"

re: rant on Firefox DoH contd. 


Wondering about Mozilla's agenda :ablobthinkingeyes:
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