A venture capital backed firm decides to provide "free" DNS over HTTPS and DNS over Tor services to the public and we're supposed to believe that it is to protect our privacy.

"our policy is to never, ever write client IP addresses to disk and wipe all logs within 24 hours" till the next board meeting with investors. After that we'll start collecting all domain names you visited and sell that data to our real customers.

You don't know what's the point of Tor? Your IPaddr is not leaked to the resolver.


@federico3 My rant was about how DNS over Tor (which is hardly ever used) is being used to privacy-wash and legitimize the DNS over HTTPS service (used by most users, even unknowingly as a default setting in Firefox) which has no privacy for client addresses from Cloudflare itself.

This is a concern about a global DNS monopoly which offers its services for free and has to eventually monetize it to justify the cost. It usually ends up with surveillance capitalism.

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