I get hundreds of millions of dollars every year by legitimising surveillance capitalists and enabling them to violate your privacy by default. (I wouldn’t exist without them.) Please trust me on privacy.

Why are you all looking at me like that?

OK, OK, you can stop glaring: I’m Mozilla, y’all love me. 💕

@aral to be fair, with the money they get from google they can keep up and keep Firefox competitive, if they wouldn't accept googles money, Firefox would disappear into nothingness and then we have a chromium only browser landscape. So I consider it currently a necessary evil.


@blacklight447 @aral Imagine Debian taking money from Microsoft to make Microsoft Office the default office suite on Debian while using the money to build a privacy respecting operating system alternative to Windows 10.

This seems unthinkable to most free software people, but Firefox setting Google as the default search engine and using the money to make a privacy respecting alternative to Google Chrome attracts a lot of debate about means and ends.

@njoseph @aral the difference with an os is though: you have plenty of alternatives, browser engines on the other hand? Not so much.

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