If the operating system on your computer is a subscription service which you might lose access to at any time, what use is owning the hardware it runs on?

This could be the next revolutionary product:
Rented PCs on which you own nothing, with no way of transferring your own data out to another storage medium. Also, you cannot even unlock the PC without an internet connection, so all your files are held hostage by the subscription service.

is for noobs.

@njoseph Agreed. This remindes me of the short story The Right to Read by Richard Stallman.

@njoseph Well, what happened? Even cyber-cafés are better than this.

@Genstar This is a dystopian extrapolation of "Windows as a Service" into the future.

Cell phones with a carrier are basically this already soooo


That's so evil and genius at the same time, it might actually happen…

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