FreedomBox 19.19 has a new app for basic Git web hosting using gitweb.

I am shifting all of my personal projects that were still on Microsoft GitHub and to my FreedomBox.

@njoseph wouldn't you say this app scratches developers itches exclusively? To me it looks like a "newbie" tool got another "pro" feature.


Version control systems are not exclusively meant for software development. Many authors and bloggers use VCS tools to keep their manuscripts/drafts versioned.

My blog and its theme, dotfiles etc. are in git repositories.

Benefits to self-hosting git remotes:
1. Your private repositories are not stored on other people's computers.
2. Changes in international trade laws doesn't suddenly lock you out from your own repositories (e.g. GitHub and Iran).

@mray FreedomBox is meant to be easy enough to be used by the average computer user. That doesn't mean prohibition of all advanced features.

An app in an app repository should be seen differently from a feature in an application. A user doesn't have to interact with an app unless they explicitly choose to install it.

Advanced apps are usually not installed by default on most distributions. For example, you don't see Termux installed by default on Android, but it's available if you need it.

@njoseph Defaults matter. Currently FreedomBox ships with a very limited subset of available Debian packages. It does not look good to add apps EXCLUSIVELY! for developers. It indeed communicates the very problem we should be fixing: Available free software scratches pro-itches but the less skilled masses just can't use them. You live in a bubble if you think the optional nature of apps makes it all right. Remember: by default *no* app is installed.

@njoseph I think you live in a developer bubble. You may be a developer who blogs. Git is not for bloggers or authors. It is a complex code development tool. It is what most FreedomBox users never ever want to use. Yes, developers may love to easily host it for several good reasons! - Don't you see how this bias has a negative effect on a general perception of the project and its goals?

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