"The crux of the plan is for the voice assistant to move from passive to proactive interactions. Rather than wait for and respond to requests, will anticipate what the user might want. The idea is to turn Alexa into an omnipresent companion that actively shapes and orchestrates your life. This will require Alexa to get to know you better than ever before."

The ultimate goal of is manipulation of human behavior to profitable ends.

@njoseph "It’s not about creating a science-fiction experience that wows you. It’s about finding ways to get even more personalized data for Amazon by, literally, giving Alexa permission to start the conversation."
Very creepy indeed - I dread to think where his will go in a few years when it is backed by sci-fi AI that wows you 😫

@njoseph kind of scary isn’t it. We become the droids that’s carry out the orders of an all knowing artificial intelligence 😱

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