As technologists, we should talk in terms of concepts instead of products to discourage monopolies.

Don't say "just Google it", say "do a web search".
Don't say "I sent you the Excel sheet", say "I sent you the spreadsheet"

If people who don't know that there are search engines besides Google or that there are office applications besides Microsoft Office, they might ask what a search engine is or what a spreadsheet is. We should take this as an opportunity to educate people about alternatives.

@njoseph Unlearning needs to happen on a grand level. Not just limited to tech.

@njoseph This is also the primary reason why we all should be using the term #Fediverse instead of #Mastodon or #Pleroma when referring to this network.

Indeed. We have been using the "search for" phrase for a while.

Unfortunately #DuckDuckGo are not the greatest either. Yesterday we discovered that they refer people to a #spam video on #youtube when people search for "JFK to 911 Rich Man's Trick".

We don't think this is an accident.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be great many options re #webSearch. There's #searx but #Fediverse hashtags might be the best way moving forward.

also, don't say "open Chrome/Firefox/IE", but say "open your web browser".
Furthermore, it's a "(text) document", rather than a "Word doc" and it's not a "PowerPoint presentation" but a "slide show".

(For more generic examples of #trademarks that have been genericised, see

@FiXato @njoseph I get what you are saying. Just as a note though, I have had customers look at me like I was speaking an alien language when i said "web browser". Like the term is new to them or something.. 😂

Hot take:
Explaining tech to boomers is not an efficient way to spend time. I'd rather spend time educating myself, and let natural selection play its role.

@njoseph i feel called out seeing this only an hour after i used "shop" ironically in a situation where i very clearly did not use photoshop

@njoseph Too true. There are so many organizations with broken IT departments and unfixable infrastructure because they standardize on products not protocols.

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