Is anybody working on building an alternative to GCM for push messages on Android?

- Each app running a background service and draining battery doesn't count as an alternative.
- The alternative cannot be yet another centralized cloud provider.
- If there is a server in between the sender (application server) and the recipient (Android device), it shouldn't be able to read the contents of the message.

> The alternative cannot be yet another centralized cloud provider

It kind of has to be, no? You want to minimize the required connections, right? I imagine a reasonable solution being like the federated model (there's no actual federation), with the user being able to choose the "centralized" server they want to use (possibly self hosted). Might even be possible to just copy the GCM protocol ...

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@njoseph so I just ended up paying a VOIP provider, so that I could send SMS (with optional phone call for high priority): it works even absent a full data-connection, and will still work if the phone's in battery-saving mode/long-standby. it's less desirable from a cost & openness perspective; but from a pure tech perspective, there's already a very-low-power, always-on, awaiting-notification framework in a mobile device, done in hardware: the good old-fashioned phone.

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