The Indian government is taking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis and using it to establish a surveillance state.

A proprietary app to track all of your movements and contacts has been developed and made mandatory for use in workplaces. The data of the entire population of the country will be centrally collected. The government is not answerable for what purposes it will use the data.

Hi Joseph,

Neo-feudalism is here. :(

They've won. All we can do now is #connect with people in our #local areas, that is the only chance we have now. Talk to people, #network, if you can.

What is #NEOED? #Network, #Educate, #Organise, #EngageWithLeaders (at arms length), #Disobey.

The time to act is now. While the system is broken we must rebuild it to respect the planet, not the #billionaireClass or #corporatations.

There's no time to lose.

@njoseph I'd boost, but posts like this need a source link. Sources are important to guard against fake news going viral.

@njoseph Americans have already been using such an app for years.

It's called Google Play Services.

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