Cloud computing is like factory farming for servers.

My home server is a pet.


The underlying assumptions of Big Tech projects are fundamentally different from those of Small Tech projects.

I am collecting my knowledge on this topic on this page.

^ This is a wiki page and is unfinished by definition.

@njoseph hi Joseph, I am a free software enthusiast, and I am interested to your wiki especially at this page However, there is a problem, the video you said to be legendary is gone ( I want to watch it, Joseph. Could you please help me to find it? Thank you very much.

@ademalsasa Unfortunately, the PeerTube instance on which the FreedomBox video channel was hosted is down. There were 25-30 videos on that channel. Maybe the channel will be resurrected on another instance in the future.

For now, I've replaced the PeerTube link with a link to the original source of the video. You can find audio, video and transcripts there.

@njoseph Neat page.

Should Erlang really be in the big-tech column? Unless you put in some languages in the small tech column (and dilute your argument, since most language designs as well as implementations aren't small at all), let us assume Python or Ruby (or Javascript!) there.

Erlang compares favourably in all aspects, more so in language simplicity and capability of the runtime. Elixir probably even more so with good Unicode support.

@wyatwerp You're right. It looks like I placed Erlang into the Big Tech category when I was only trying to give an example of development platforms.

I tried to not mix examples into the "big tech vs. small tech" section, but some slipped through.

Dunno if you know about @aral but he's also interested in small tech (

@njoseph Very useful/thoughtful resource! I like to refer to GAFAM collectively as the "Frightful Five" and I provide this link to demonstrate their insidious nature: - to describe why their evil-doing is inevitable, I wrote this:

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