covid, foss, nostalgia, slightly depressing 

I wonder how all the GNU/Linux User Groups and other free software groups are managing in the pandemic times.

I miss those days of distributing laptop stickers to people. I still have hundreds of FreedomBox :fbx: stickers, a few stickers of other projects and some Debian badges.

I miss being infected by the energy and enthusiasm of new users. We're all still pushing code and making releases but the human connection is missing.


covid, foss, nostalgia, slightly depressing 


I miss seeing wonder in the eyes of a person discovering free software for the first time.

I miss seeing school kids in India using community Wi-Fi networks for their homework by connecting to Kiwix installed on their local FreedomBox.
The gratitude of villagers who were able to make free Wi-Fi calls on the network.

The first FreedomBox User Group.
Connecting to Freifunk Wi-Fi.
Talking about federated social networks.
All those people I met!

covid, foss, nostalgia, slightly depressing 




I wish I'll have the opportunity to meet again "those people" and you too soon IRL

covid, foss, nostalgia, slightly depressing 

@njoseph I miss the conferences and meetups more than I expected. Turns out the week away from my usual circle and getting my geek time helps me deal with the ups and downs of regular life as well. I haven’t found a pandemian replacement yet.

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