Though Surveillance Capitalism is a global phenomenon and a universal term, it is interpreted differently by people from different regions.

Americans see this mostly as a monopoly/anti-trust problem.

Europeans are calling it digital feudalism.

The once-colonized global south sees it as digital colonialism.

All of these interpretations are not only simultaneously true but also demonstrate that this issue is multi-faceted.

@njoseph and at least some in Europe (myself included) see this as a human rights issue.

I am of course not disparaging other ways of seeing this problem or saying that the human rights perspective is in any way "better"; it's just what makes most sense in Europe.

In fact, I've been calling Big Tech companies "monopolists" way before it was cool:

@rysiek @njoseph indeed, as some suggest, it is also a threat to the very idea of personhood and basic human dignity. @aral

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