Best thing to happen in 2022 so far. Hope this goes through and other countries would follow.

The Banning Surveillance Advertising Act

"On Tuesday, Democrats introduced a new bill that would ban nearly all use of digital advertising targeting on ad markets hosted by platforms like Facebook, Google, and other data brokers."

@njoseph Wow. "What if we banned Facebook's entire business model?" Did not see that coming. Glad to see Democrats thinking big!

@be So, you're saying there's a chance?

This is the sort of fight that's worth having as many times as it takes to succeed.

And let any opponents face voter with this on their record.


@njoseph I read the bill, linked at the start of the Verge article, and... it seems pretty toothless? It only bans the kind of targeting that either:

Targets individuals by name or unique identifier (Page 2, Lines 5-18).
Targets members of a protected class or targets a metric that is well correlated to being in a protected class (Page 4, Lines 21-25).

So even if it goes through, it will not outlaw most kinds of tracking and targeting. For example, I think this law would not stop anyone from making an inflammatory ad that targets extremist Republicans (or Democrats) because that isn't a protected class.

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