If someone from 2005 were transported to the present, they would find it completely absurd that handheld computers are expected to last only a couple of years while desktop computers still last a decade (with repairs, of course).

Whether GNU/Linux phones become mainstream or not, I hope they will at least help establish the idea that smartphones can also be long-lasting devices.

@njoseph I'm using my phone since 2018... And it was not top notch at this time... XD

@njoseph The marketing of handheld computers emphasizes that they are social interaction entertainment devices, that are also personal expressions of trendy style and social status. So, it must be "NEW, NEW, NEW!!!" 🙄

@njoseph I think that beyond marketing pushing people to upgrade continuously, handheld computing is going through a Moore’s Law phase that desktop computing has already matured through to some extent. ARM architectures are becoming more powerful at a staggering rate, not to mention the improvements in other parts of the hardware as well (cameras, accelerometers, etc.). It’s just not feasible to keep a handheld for more than a few years for the same reason we had to upgrade our PCs so often through the 90s and 00s.

Presumably, ARM will eventually hit a maturation stage just as x86/64 has, and at that point it’ll really be more a matter of personal preference than computational capacity on when to replace a device, just as it is for desktops now.

@njoseph In Arthur C.Clarke's Imperial Earth, smartphones ("minisecs") are handed down through generations.

There are no moving parts, nothing to wear out, other than a slight smudging of the lettering on the 'E' key on its keyboard.

@dredmorbius @njoseph

UK's Emergency Services are running into issues as they still use TETRA digital radio terminals (which look like giant 90s mobile phones) from early 2000s but Motorola and its suppliers can't support the older ones or the Airwave system much longer as components are no longer made; they plan to move to LTE devices but this has stalled due to technical issues (and this project will be affected further by current supply chain disruptions)

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