Bought a new Tablet today.

And installed LineageOS on it, of course. :blobsunglasses:

It's a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.


The device listing on the LineageOS Wiki isn't very helpful if you're trying to buy a new Android device supported by LineageOS. It was quite a struggle to find this ☝️ tablet.

Today, I discovered a third-party website which provides a listing of devices with useful sorting and filtering.

@njoseph if you are experienced in flashing, some builds found at XDA developers have excellent quality, sometimes even less buggy than an official build.

I would also check at XDA developers before buying, because there is always the risk that official lineageos support stops because of an inactive developer and/or a developer losing the device....

Always good when there are active developers at XDA....

@njoseph Amazing! When I was choosing a device a few years ago I came to the same conclusion and wrote a quick python script.

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