When considering purchasing ebooks, don't directly go to the Kindle store.

Today, I bought 3 DRM-free ebooks from the publisher at a lower price than the DRM-ridden versions from the Kindle store.

@njoseph Or check out the offering from your local municipal library.
Read them for free.

@wyliecoyoteuk @njoseph Our local library even has a surprisingly large collection of audiobooks you can listen to theough an app

@tinyrabbit @njoseph Ours too. Unfortunately I just don't get on with audio books for some reason, tried a few and decided that I didn't enjoy the experience.

@wyliecoyoteuk @njoseph Same here :) (kind of ironic that I used to work for an audio book app company), but the kiddos love them at least!

@wyliecoyoteuk @njoseph eh, my library is unusable; has only translated books (few ever get translated), & I don't like reading in my native lang, as its an opportunity to practice english

Pirating ebooks is imho the best option to avoid drm stuff. There's usually some physical bookstores w better en language section, so you can support some author you like, if prob not the exact same one, in proportion to your budget, & while enjoyably browsing physical books

renting v. buying ebooks 

@njoseph Kindle does not sell ebooks, it tentatively rents rights to read ebooks on a specific platform. I am very skeptical of paying money to rent ebooks.

@njoseph Amazon is helpfully not even letting people buy Kindle books on Android platforms anymore.

@srol @njoseph I can still purchase ebooks via the android kindle app

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