Bought a new Tablet today.

And installed LineageOS on it, of course. :blobsunglasses:

It's a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.

Somebody tried to brute force my password on that one GitLab instance where I didn't set up an MFA.

I literally spent hours writing the app description of Kiwix for FreedomBox.

Yes, I also went through the entire list of Kiwix content archives. 🙈

Python mode in my Doom Emacs seems to be broken.

It appends a weird character at the end of each file while saving which results in a syntax error.

It looks like this: "^[[0m"

Tried setting the buffer character encoding to utf8-unix and utf8.
Did `apt upgrade` of the system and `doom upgrade` as well.

A programme funded by the government of Kerala (a state in India) deployed 59,532 laptops with free software in school classrooms, running a distro called IT@School Ubuntu.

This might be one of the biggest deployments of GNU/Linux on the desktop!

I'm slightly disappointed that O'Reilly didn't choose a python as the reptile for the cover of Fluent Python.

The Indian government is taking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis and using it to establish a surveillance state.

A proprietary app to track all of your movements and contacts has been developed and made mandatory for use in workplaces. The data of the entire population of the country will be centrally collected. The government is not answerable for what purposes it will use the data.

Data protection advocates prevail: Germany builds a Covid-19 tracing app with decentralized storage.

Covid-19 apps are being built to track the spread of the coronavirus. While others commission Palantir to build such an app, Germany listens to privacy advocates to ensure acceptance.

Somehow stumbled upon RedHat's "The State of Enterprise Open Source" report.

"[Netflix] now routinely ends shows after their second season, even when they’re still popular. Netflix has learned that the first two seasons of a show are key to bringing in subscribers—but the third and later seasons don’t do much to retain or win new subscribers.

Ending a show after the second season saves money, because showrunners who oversee production tend to negotiate a boost in pay after two years."

that Tiny Tiny RSS has a bookmarklet for subscribing to the website that you're currently on.

Also learnt about Published Articles. Looks like a way of sharing bookmarks.

Here's my published articles feed if anyone's interested.

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