Somehow stumbled upon RedHat's "The State of Enterprise Open Source" report.

"[Netflix] now routinely ends shows after their second season, even when they’re still popular. Netflix has learned that the first two seasons of a show are key to bringing in subscribers—but the third and later seasons don’t do much to retain or win new subscribers.

Ending a show after the second season saves money, because showrunners who oversee production tend to negotiate a boost in pay after two years."

that Tiny Tiny RSS has a bookmarklet for subscribing to the website that you're currently on.

Also learnt about Published Articles. Looks like a way of sharing bookmarks.

Here's my published articles feed if anyone's interested.

Somebody sent me a personal message on IRC that looks like a support request, with a shortened url that points to with the search term "how to hack a computer".

Can this be classified as phishing? Not sure.

FreedomBox 19.19 has a new app for basic Git web hosting using gitweb.

I am shifting all of my personal projects that were still on Microsoft GitHub and to my FreedomBox.

Google is tracking what places people visit at what time and showing this as some kind of generally useful information in Maps.

My Pioneer edition FreedomBox running on in-built battery backup during a minor power outage today.

I have minor power outages of a few minutes a day at my place during the rainy season. When I was running FreedomBox on a bare Raspberry Pi 2 earlier, I had to replace the microSD card once a year due to damage. The Pioneer edition has solved this problem for me.

Just my laptop in normal usage. I didn't even realize that it was using swap. Maybe because of the SSD. :psyduck:

Using containers in self-hosted home servers feels like hauling your groceries home in multiple shipping containers - one for each item. 🤐

Tor Browser is proprietary software, according to Gnome Software Center.

The Growth Imperative

I have to increase my income year by year or the inflation will get me

I have to increase shareholder value quarter to quarter or they will pull out their investments

I have to show a growth in GDP or people will not vote for us again

We're all like hamsters running on wheels whether we like it or not to satisfy an invisible growth imperative which is centuries old and nobody knows why we're still following.

What We Should Learn From “Facebook Research”

Once again, Facebook has broken the trust of its users—this time, through reportedly paying people to give up their privacy by installing an application that sucks up huge amounts of sensitive data, and explicitly sidestepping Apple's Enterprise Developer program rules. In doing so, the company has...

If parallel universes exist, there must be a version of me in one of them who became an electronics engineer and won't shut up about self-hosting electricity using solar panels.

Image from PBS Crash Course Engineering #30

Indian weddings 

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