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The Growth Imperative

I have to increase my income year by year or the inflation will get me

I have to increase shareholder value quarter to quarter or they will pull out their investments

I have to show a growth in GDP or people will not vote for us again

We're all like hamsters running on wheels whether we like it or not to satisfy an invisible growth imperative which is centuries old and nobody knows why we're still following.

What We Should Learn From “Facebook Research”

Once again, Facebook has broken the trust of its users—this time, through reportedly paying people to give up their privacy by installing an application that sucks up huge amounts of sensitive data, and explicitly sidestepping Apple's Enterprise Developer program rules. In doing so, the company has...

If parallel universes exist, there must be a version of me in one of them who became an electronics engineer and won't shut up about self-hosting electricity using solar panels.

Image from PBS Crash Course Engineering #30

Indian weddings 

What our obsession with over-celebrating weddings, birthdays, and now even divorces says about us

As December draws to a close, I’m certain most of us have been subjected to similar ungodly, and painfully boring, number of pre-wedding and save-the-date videos.

I have Kiwix on my phone now with a 5.8 GB dump of some select articles from Wikipedia.

I hope to have the full archive someday when phone storage gets big enough.

Installed after watching one of @art 's videos.

Found on @aral 's blog called "Casino Data"


Test Pilot has a new feature called "Side View". I immediately added my tab into it and now am more addicted to Mastodon than ever! 😂

Mastodon Frontend is now fully translated to

మాస్టొడొన్ ఫ్రంటెండ్ ప్రాజెక్తు పూర్తిగా తెనుగీకరించబడినది.

In Mastodon language preferences, I see Telugu (తెలుగు) as one of the languages, but not the more popular Hindi (हिन्दी) language.

I remember adding a Telugu translation for Mastodon a while ago. Was it because of that? Or was it because I hosted an instance that officially supports the Telugu language and it picked up languages from

Accidentally discovered a new IDE plugin on my . It's called Meghanada.

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