I'm slightly disappointed that O'Reilly didn't choose a python as the reptile for the cover of Fluent Python.

Yet another science fiction book review + summary.

Read only the first two paragraphs (the review part) if you don't want spoilers.

"The Wandering Earth" by Liu Cixin

I have been writing summaries and reviews of books for a year

Now, I've also started collecting interesting essays and articles that I find on the web that might have long-term value.

The book recommendations I gathered from the Fediverse are way better in quality than Goodreads could ever offer with its algorithms.

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Guess what?

The world now has yet another book reviewer!

Wrote my first book review+summary for the book - Utopia for Realists.


Also contains my own rants and opinions clearly marked out.

Thanks to @judeswae for pointing me to Rutger Bregman's work.

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Planning to read 3 books this month

1. Utopia for Realists - Rutger Bregman
2. Walkaway - Cory Doctorow
3. The Age of Surveillance Capitalism - Shoshana Zuboff

Hope I'll also have the patience to write summaries and reviews of the .

Somebody make a federated Goodreads alternative please!

How to run "disruptive" "unicorn" in the digital age

- create free and addictive stuff
- acquire millions of real or fake users
- burn investor money
- make no profits
- forget about why you wanted to start a company and "pivot"
- make sure you're a monopoly in your sector

and most importantly

- ensure your venture capitalists have a 100x or 1000x RoI at any cost to people, society or environment


Inspired from "Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus" by Douglas

Setting up an offline dictionary for desktop using the GoldenDict application and the WordNet3 dictionary.


If you're looking for a good offline dictionary for mobile, WordWeb is a good one for Android.

Dude writes a book called "Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus" and delivers a talk about it at ...wait for it... Google. 🙈


Was listening to Douglas Rushkoff's podcast called "Team Human" for a couple of days and decided to read one of his books.

Started with Life Inc. Bought a physical copy so that I can place it in the office library after reading.

I'm a bit conflicted between eco-friendliness and sharability of books.

I like how Cory Doctorow licenses his books under Creative Commons. You can share them freely.