Finished an integration for automated browser-based tests using Selenium into the FreedomBox project's GitLab CI pipeline on Debian Salsa.

I had the idea for this around two years ago and only got it working last Saturday. This is probably the most complex Continuous Integration pipeline I've ever built (this is v2.0 BTW). A custom CI system using the Buildbot framework comes second (also for FreedomBox).

Next, I have to document this.

Teaching Doom Emacs to use Debian Python packages.

yapfify-executable "yapf3"
pyimport-pyflakes-path "pyflakes3"
python-pytest-executable "py.test-3")

The codename for the (Debian) Experimental repository, RC-Buggy, was Andy's toy car, and is a pun on 'Release Critical' and 'Remote Control.'

Michael Stapelberg: Winding down my Debian involvement

Seems like yet another "I am leaving Debian because..." post that will spark no change at all, like all the ones that came before it. 😐

Codenames of the next 3 Debian releases:

11 - Bullseye
12 - Bookworm
13 - Trixie

As long as Pixar keeps making Toy Story movies there will be new codenames for Debian releases.

This is one non-exhaustive list

Noah Meyerhans | Debian STS: Short Term Support

Maybe the author hasn't heard of Debian Fast Track yet.

Stumbled upon an interesting page in the Debian Wiki that explores the etymology of Debian packages

WhyTheName - Debian Wiki

Trying out the new package in unstable (contrib).

It is a huge installation. 997 new packages to install and 1,103 MB of disk space!

Debian Social is using Pleroma for federated microblogging.

The Debian Social Team maintains a variety of services under the domain. These services aim to make it easier for Debian contributors to share content and collaborate.

My Pioneer edition FreedomBox running on in-built battery backup during a minor power outage today.

I have minor power outages of a few minutes a day at my place during the rainy season. When I was running FreedomBox on a bare Raspberry Pi 2 earlier, I had to replace the microSD card once a year due to damage. The Pioneer edition has solved this problem for me.

Created a account at

I think I'll be mostly posting/ranting about on that account.

Dual-booting Windows + Debian is such a nightmare these days.

I remember the good old times when it was so easy that my 17-year-old self could do it with barely any effort or technical knowledge.

Looks like Windows and Intel are joined together at the hip. Are AMD machines any better for dual-booting?

Debian's bug tracking system called debbugs is from 1994.

It continues to teach the younger generations of Debian users that it is possible to interact with remote machines via email.

It also teaches you that patience is a virtue as you continue to wait to see your comment posted on the email thread, and the futility of doing so, making you realize that your millenial brain has been habituated to seeing forms instantly update as you click on the submit button in the www.

Since @praveen hasn't written an toot yet, let me introduce him with a short podcast interviewing him on the Free Talk show.

Pirate Praveen is a Debian developer and social justice activist in India. He is known for bringing the massive free software projects diaspora* and GitLab into Debian.

I'm glad that he chose to join us on this tiny instance among many. Welcome Praveen!

Follow Friday starts early this week! 🎉

MediaWiki's VisualEditor extension is a big improvement to the editing experience. Unfortunately it's not easy to install it on Debian systems. There were too many gotchas when I was trying to install it.

Here's my distillation of the installation process after 4 hours of struggle.

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