VLC on Android isn't a good choice for playing audiobooks. It loses a few seconds when trying to change playback speed. Also, it doesn't understand a folder of audio files as one book.

I switched to AudioAnchor from F-Droid. It doesn't suffer from the above two issues. However, it expects a folder for each book, even if it's a single file.

I have a Syncthing folder for Audiobooks now, holding only the current ones.

Please update your Firefox Klar from F-Droid. A critical security issue was fixed in the latest version.

F-Droid prompted uninstallation of the older version of the app. You might have to install it again if you did that.

Was getting bored of the default voice of the Pico TTS Engine in LineageOS.

Found a free software TTS engine and voices in F-Droid.


Android has introduced split APKs, which makes life difficult for people using de-Googlified phones.

I'm using Yalp store on LineageOS. Installing split APKs requires that you have a rooted device.

Steps to install an app with a split APK:

1. Enable the following setting in Yalp Store:
Settings -> Installation method -> Using root

2. Install the app with the split APK.

3. Toggle it back to the default method after your installation is done.

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Fun fact:

The instance social.masto.host is indirectly funded by LineageOS + F-Droid.

Earlier, I was replacing my phone every 2 years with a new version of the same series. But last year, when my phone was ready for replacement (too slow, no Android updates), I flashed LineageOS + F-Droid on it instead.

I saved € 187.5 by not buying a new phone. This instance costs € 5 per month.

P.S. I know the exact cost because I bought one for a family member.

What are some awesome F-Droid apps that require root privileges?

Flashed F-Droid Privileged OTA extension. I now have automatic updates for all the F-Droid apps. :blobcheer:

On LineageOS merlin, the download location of the zip file wasn't under /data/data/... but under /external_sd/user/0/.../org.f-droid.fdroid

Is there an app on F-Droid that can read out loud (TTS) ebooks?

I think LineageOS comes with a built-in TTS engine called Pico TTS. I'd be happy to find an app (like an epub or pdf reader) that can at least leverage Pico TTS and read out text. Really missing the Google Play books TTS after the switch to LineageOS + F-Droid.

Using an F-Droid app called Waistline to maintain a calorie deficit.

Found a FOSS alternative to Google Authenticator for 2-factor authentication. It's an F-Droid app called andOTP.

G. Authenticator, Okta Verify, andOTP etc. all implement the same algorithm called TOTP.


cc @switchingsocial@mastodon.at

I left all my Steam games aside and started playing Cow's Revenge on F-Droid. 😆

Is there a good free software epub reader for Android that can read out loud (Text to Speech)?

After shifting to LineageOS and F-Droid, to unlock the next level of mental peace, set Firefox Klar as the default browser and disable Javascript.

Is there an app or launcher on the F-Droid store which can help visually impaired people make calls easily (using photographs of contacts perhaps), and see text messages in a large size?

I might have to make one myself otherwise.

Episode has the coolest Android navigation drawer I've ever seen and it's on :amaze: