Replaced the back cover on my 4.5 years old phone today.

FM Radio

I just rediscovered that my Android phone running LineageOS has an FM Radio app. It needs headphones plugged which acts as an FM antenna.

I wonder if people using iPhones ever realized that they lost access to FM Radio on their phones altogether with the loss of the 3.5mm jack. Maybe there's yet another adapter?

When I was a teenager, FM Radio was quite popular as most people used feature phones. These days, people mostly play it in their cars.

Was getting bored of the default voice of the Pico TTS Engine in LineageOS.

Found a free software TTS engine and voices in F-Droid.

that you can toggle between two apps in Android by double-tapping the apps button (usually on the left) in the bottom menu. Like Alt+Tab/Cmd+Tab in desktop operating systems.

Tried on LineageOS 15.1

Android has introduced split APKs, which makes life difficult for people using de-Googlified phones.

I'm using Yalp store on LineageOS. Installing split APKs requires that you have a rooted device.

Steps to install an app with a split APK:

1. Enable the following setting in Yalp Store:
Settings -> Installation method -> Using root

2. Install the app with the split APK.

3. Toggle it back to the default method after your installation is done.

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Upgraded to 15.1 🎉

My phone is 4+ years old and going strong.

I still have like two or three proprietary apps on my phone. One of them is a bank app. They decided to use a split APK, which Yalp Store cannot install without root privileges.

One less proprietary app on my phone! 🎉 🤐 😞

Fun fact:

The instance is indirectly funded by LineageOS + F-Droid.

Earlier, I was replacing my phone every 2 years with a new version of the same series. But last year, when my phone was ready for replacement (too slow, no Android updates), I flashed LineageOS + F-Droid on it instead.

I saved € 187.5 by not buying a new phone. This instance costs € 5 per month.

P.S. I know the exact cost because I bought one for a family member.

Flashed F-Droid Privileged OTA extension. I now have automatic updates for all the F-Droid apps. :blobcheer:

On LineageOS merlin, the download location of the zip file wasn't under /data/data/... but under /external_sd/user/0/.../org.f-droid.fdroid


The problem with random reboots and data loss when battery goes beyond 80% still happens with the latest on my Moto G3 Turbo.

I found a workaround.

1. Root the phone using TWRP + SuperSu zip
2. Install Battery Charge Limit app from F-Droid.
3. Set battery charge limit in the app to 80%

The phone can't start its whole reboot and data loss cycle because it can never reach the required battery charge level.

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Is there an app on F-Droid that can read out loud (TTS) ebooks?

I think LineageOS comes with a built-in TTS engine called Pico TTS. I'd be happy to find an app (like an epub or pdf reader) that can at least leverage Pico TTS and read out text. Really missing the Google Play books TTS after the switch to LineageOS + F-Droid.

After suffering with and its random restarts and data losses, I'm disinclined to be an early adopter for the Librem 5 phone. I'll probably get the second version that they release.

After shifting to LineageOS and F-Droid, to unlock the next level of mental peace, set Firefox Klar as the default browser and disable Javascript.

My phone reboots and loses data randomly while charging. It varies at what percentage of charge this happens.

After reboot it behaves like a new phone. I lose all settings and contacts as well due to a bug. Don't know how long before I lose my sanity and shift back to using a proprietary OS.

This is on a Moto G3 Turbo Edition running LineageOS merlin of the latest nightly build. The frequency of this issue is increasing with time.

It is not possible to book an on without GApps nor would I expect it to be possible on 's new phone.

Users would be forced to use a provider with a working Progressive Web App (Uber's PWA is a bad joke).

Those of us already using free software would consider inconveniences like these the price we pay for and . But they are enough to turn the average user away from free software mobile operating systems.

Today my upgrade was smooth, with no manual intervention and no data loss.

Happy with the progress! 😄

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