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Firefox settings 

I'm surprised that there's no mention of the absurd amount of energy wastage caused by the ad tech industry.

A newspaper article which can fit in a 1KB text file might ship ads, tracking JS files, auto-playing video ads etc. bloating up to 10 MB which is 4 orders of magnitude higher. Maybe a household that buys a physical newspaper spends less energy per person than one that might read 10 such articles per day, all members of the family combined.

How is free software relevant to the problems that are destroying people’s lives by the thousands, today and every day? Brett Smith, our Director of Strategic Initiatives discusses why we do this work.

Hey Fediverse! Do you use git (or Mercurial or Darcs)? Etherpad? Homebrew? Inkscape? quemu? Wine? Maybe even coreboot?

These are just a few of the projects for which the Conservancy project provides administrative support. The projects rely on Conservancy, and you rely on the projects.

Support the org that supports the tools you can’t do without. They are trying to raise money, and have donation matching for the next ~15k to be raised for two more days:

If you want well-formatted, public domain e-books, is the place to go.

@privacyint Sign our petition to say that we shouldn't have to beg for privacy with petition!

“Grindr is sharing detailed personal data with thousands of advertising partners, allowing them to receive information about users’ location, age, gender and sexual orientation…”

One approach to learning git is to treat it like a necessary evil, something distracting you from the actual thing you're trying to do - you just want to write your program, god dammit. The better approach acknowledges that git is a tool you're likely to use every day, many times a day, for the next 30 years or more, and investing the next few hours into learning about it.

Awful AI is a curated list to track current scary usages of AI - hoping to raise awareness to its misuses in society.

any economic system that assumes most people don't intrinsically want to do meaningful work is empirically false and should not be taken seriously

Firefox 72.0.1 and FF ESR 68.4.1 available, fixing a critical security vulnerability exploited in targeted attacks:

– Mozilla: "We are aware of targeted attacks in the wild abusing this flaw."
– This updates the recently released Firefox 72.0 and FF ESR 68.4.0.
– There will be a Tor Browser update (9.0.4) and likely a Tails OS update soon.

#firefox #mozilla #vulnerability #torbrowser #tails #infosec #security #cybersecurity

Goal: By the end of this year, all of my every day devices are open hardware and software.

Odroid Go Advance

A personal journal is a simple but effective tool to reflect on your thoughts and keep your life in balance. I'd highly recommend starting one this new year.

I have been writing mine in a desktop application called Lifeograph on my personal computer since March 2019.

Don't worry about being consistent about it. You just need a place to put down your thoughts.

Privacy shouldn't be a luxury. We’ve joined with @privacyint and over 50 other orgs to ask Google to take action against the exploitative practices of pre-installed apps.

Read the letter & add your voice: #Bloatware

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