youtube link note:

like other people, i think #youtube sucks as a platform and recommend taking youtube links to an #invidious instance

however, with the main one shutting down recently, i feel like it's better to simply give you the "raw URI" to look up the video on your preferred invidious instance

especially when if i do this you can arbitrarily configure ALL the links i post to open in a different invidious instance at any time if you're using a browser extension, etc, to change the links

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Work computer now again running Linux after 8 years on Macbook Pro. Feels refreshing, to be honest.

- Same keyboard layout everywhere ✔️
- Docker needs no VM ✔️
- No painful Xcode updates ✔️

OnionShare is a free, cross-platform and open-source tool that utilizes the Tor network to share files securely and anonymously

You might have already come across a lot of online services to share files securely but it may not be completely anonymous.
Also, you do have to rely on a centralized service to share your files and if the service decides to shut down like Firefox Send — you can’t really depend on it to safely share files all the time.
All things considered, OnionShare is an amazing open-source tool that lets you share files using the Tor Onion service. It should be an amazing alternative to all the cloud file sharing services.
See OnionShare: An Open-Source Tool to Share Files Securely Over Tor Network

@LovesTha imagine what it would do for their domestic IT industry if 1/10th of what non-US gov'ts spend on Microsoft was instead spent on local IT companies specifically working to enhance open source tools to better serve that country (e.g. translation, cultural awareness, etc.). Would revolutionise open source computing, I think.

Getting rid of advertising in publishing 

From GNU Taler FAQ

"Actual transaction costs are estimated around 0.001 cent/transaction (at high transaction rates, amortized over billions of transactions, excluding migration costs)."

A disruptive payment processor (similar to Lets Encrypt) powered by GNU Taler might be able to totally change the game. :blobthinkingcool:

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Getting rid of advertising in publishing 

Most people probably wouldn't mind paying 1 to 10 cents per article from publications if the payment processors didn't charge so much.

UPI in India is a free payment system (at least for now) with a minimum transaction value of 1 rupee (with a major caveat that the government knows about all your transactions).

The system should also be as easy as entering an amount and clicking a button.

capitalism is when productive resources are owned by private entities to the exclusion of everyone else, so that the majority of the population is forced to sell their labor to the owners to survive, in exchange for a fraction of the value they produce. thats it. thats the whole thing.

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It's been 45 or so years since the free software movement started and hardly 1% of professional programmers make a living by developing free software.

And of those being able to make a living, most are developing "enterprise open-source software" (like Kubernetes, Prometheus etc.) which the general public is never going to use.

@crispr It is, if your IP address is public but not static (keeps changing frequently).

Some ISPs sell public+static IP addresses as one package. If you opted for this, then you wouldn't need a DDNS service.

@praveen The code for Diaspora app is still in the main branch but disabled. I'm not sure though if the code and configuration from 2 years ago still works since there's a major version change in Diaspora.

This is the line where it is disabled

If any of you are good in or , I'd appreciate some help to fix these remaining issues.

If you are good in you can help test the package or help with running on production.

-diaspora -packaging

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This keyboard has actually impressed me. Ive been using it, and now typing on mobile is a breeze. It was really strange at first though and definitely takes time to get used to.

VI8 (vim-like keyboard and editor) -

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