@schlink They portray Go as some kind of bait-and-switch trap. 😅

"What happened to my JavaScript phone?" by Garann Means youtube.com/watch?v=14wIbWGyaK

Great talk. You could also call this "What happened to my open-source/hackable phone?" Maybe someday the smartphone market will stabilize to the point where the geeks can take it back.

@kensanata When I click on AMP articles, I always get redirected to the full version. My Firefox has both uBlock Origin and uMatrix installed.

Google Glass 2 Enterprise Edition  

@sir Is the Raspberry Pi 4 known to require any proprietary blobs for its operation?

@Wolf480pl Fair enough. 😃 Perhaps I'm in a similar situation, just on the other side: I don't like Java because of around 20 years of experience with it, but I still use it; I'm not looking for a different job because other factors are more important than programming language used; and I'm not crusading for a different programming language at the company because so much depends on it, for us. So I tag along, grudgingly. But all the code I write for myself uses no Java.

Moved my backups from a 4TB drive where dump everything to a dedicated 1TB drive.

@simsa02 Nazis operated under the law. It is a mistake to think that morality comes from law. Children separated from their parents, detained indefinitely, overfilled facilities with rotten food and unsanitary conditions, those are concentration camps, and the next step is somebody is going to think about a "final solution", because to put people through that, is to not think of them as human.

Thanks to our epic team of apps packagers 📦🐒 , #YunoHost now has more than 100 apps packaged with level 7+ integration ! (meaning they also support backup/restore and respect good packaging practices)


In order to know how to prioritize the packaging work, we started a poll for you to vote on the apps you would care the more about :blobcatcoffee: !

Feel free to participate here 😋 :


Surprise, surprise, Raspberry Pi 4 has been launched!

Faster CPU, dual 4k HDMI support, up to 4GB RAM, USB type C, USB3 and (finally!) no more bottlenecking the ethernet port over USB2: full gigabit speeds!

Also: same old price 😍

Seeing the calls to switch to Safari or Firefox from Chrome (hey, have I told you about Odysseus?) I want to say once again that we should be developing new browser engines to fight the collapse in browser divirsity! We need the web to simplify!

Who's interested? I've developed a CSS engine to help you: git.nzoss.org.nz/alcinnz/styli

And I've just gotten around to blogging about it: odysseus.adrian.geek.nz/misc/2

with @swheritage we just crossed the threshold of 6B unique source code files archived archive.softwareheritage.org/ #mindblow

Continental Europe braced for 'potentially dangerous' heatwave - theguardian.com/world/2019/jun if only there were some scientifically-rigorous, over-arching explanation for this extreme weather...

Reading a Wikipedia article on Gnutella, one of the resources mentioned is a Gnutella specification... oh a Yahoo Group, now seemingly inaccessible.

Don't use proprietary services to host Free Software pls. k thx.

LB: this is what we get for letting Chrome dominate the market.

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