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For me, it kinds of sums up the disconnect that can exist between the very well-intentioned people who a) develop software, b) deploy software to support community-building goals, and c) use that software in their communities. I'm convinced that hosting more conversations that include all three kinds of people could lead to improvements in the #UX of ethical tech, to the point where it's much better than any of the #DataFarms. That's my vision for the CTA and/or #OAE:

Don't live each day as if it were your last - live each day as curious and excited as if it were your first.

I'm happy that @Gargron is always quick to recommend @pinafore to folks who prefer single-column layouts. I see Pinafore less as a competitor and more as a statement about how it's *possible* to build alternative Mastodon UIs (thanks to Eugen's good API design). #Halcyon and #Brutaldon are also great examples of this.

The Mastodon frontend doesn't have to be all things to all people. We have a wide choice of mobile apps; it should be the same for the web.

I really wish there was an easy way to connect Emacs to an Etherpad Lite instance or page. org-mode on an Etherpad would be amazingly useful for me!

Ironies of Pinafore: the things I did for privacy reasons – only storing data locally, directly contacting instance APIs from the browser – actually make it *more* likely to get blocked by private browsing mode or Privacy Badger. 😞

I want to take the day off and do Advent of Code in #RustLang :blobthinkingcool:

'We are last generation that can stop climate change' – UN summit - […]Poland generates 80% of its electricity from coal + UN summit will take place in a coal mining town, Katowice. PL's gov has also allowed 2 coal companies to sponsor the summit.[…]

I'll forever remember a fake trailer my little brother made, speaking in as deep and dramatic voice as his 10-year-old body would allow.

"A movie about doors. Owls. And lots of love. A movie called...Duplex!"

If your shell supports history, use "!-2" to repeat the before last command
#Unix #Linux #Shell #Bash #History

Now living a cookie free life. Deleting all cookies every session, first and third party. I have social sites imprisoned in sandboxed apps using an app called Hermit. I am a cookie monster.

#TheEpubizer is an easy-to-use guide to buying eBooks from independent booksellers:

It's aimed at people with no prior knowledge, and is from the makers of @libreture

#AlternativesAtoZ #eBooks #Books #DRMfree #DeleteAmazon

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2012: low powered netbooks for internet browsing
2018: browsing the internet is one of the most resource intensive tasks you can do on a computer

The only motivational #quote you'll ever need:

Every day there comes a moment when a person lays his hands in his lap and all his busyness collapses like ashes.
The work accomplished is, from the soul's point of view, entirely imaginary.

- The always poignant Robert Musil


If someone tells you that an online filter can eliminate "bad" speech but keep everything else intact, don't believe them.

Are you excited about #FreedomBox? Do you want to get more involved?

If you said yes, we need your help! You can help with software development or community building. Check out these pictures to get some ideas! Let us know if you want to get started.

Or you can donate to the FreedomBox Foundation:

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