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I'm not doing another re-captcha.

If I'm trying to do something, and you require me to do unpaid labor for google, I'm just going to 1) not do the thing 2) publicly ridicule you.

@hentaku_uwu I work with journalists from places where bad opsec can get you killed.

And I had several instances of someone coming to me and asking "Telegram is secure, right? they have encrypted chats?". When I responded they need to enable these explicitly, their faces went white as paper.

And here's an example of how Telegram treats security:

This is old, but shows their approach. Which is crap. I don't trust them one bit.

So it seems like DDG does no fingerprinting. Just people being hysteric.

wow, this is a new one

if you need my “personal data” to pay your staff then you need to find a more ethical fucking business model

@x0rz @switchingsocial I wonder why people don't use or talk about Kontalk. It is open-source and easy to use because you register with your phone number. What am I missing?

Liking so far. It has some advanced multi-account features which are quite useful.

It does have a few rough edges though. I've decided to help fix them instead of complain, by reporting bugs and submitting patches.

This is the project repository BTW.

The four eras of digital computing:

① Mainframe (centralised)

② Personal Computing (PC 1.0; decentralised)

③ Web/Cloud (Mainframe 2.0; centralised)

④ Peer Computing (PC 2.0; decentralised)

The PC 2.0 era is what some of us are working to usher in.


#lisp is one of those languages that makes me wish i had a reason to use it

> I agree with use and iPhone over Android

Really? Why? An Android device, with sufficient modification, can be made significantly more secure. Everything about the way iThings works makes it impossible for users to do any of those things. They are inherently pwned by Apple, not owned by the user.

As much as I appreciate Stack Overflow, it sure has made it harder to find information about … stack overflows

Does anyone here have opinions on #flatpak vs #snap?
For some reason I prefer #flatpak but I can't remember why! 😅

'When registering an account with #Telegram, the app helpfully uploads the entire Contacts database to Telegram's servers (optional on iOS).

This allows Telegram to build a huge social network map of all the users and how they know each other.

It is extremely difficult to remain anonymous while using Telegram because the social network of everyone you communicate with is known to them (and whomever has pwned their servers).'

more reasons why telegram is not a good choice for secure messaging:

The Orville has way more Star Trek in its core than ST:Discovery and that's the hill I'm willing to die on.

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