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"One night, I run into Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle, who is delighted to hear about the block. “It’s hard to get away from technology,” he says. “A friend was just telling me about trying to get a TV that wasn’t smart and didn’t have a microphone. It was impossible. He wound up getting a 27-inch [computer] monitor.”"

I think that's what I'll probably do! And a Raspberry Pi.

android's redeeming features are only there when you compare it against windows mobile or iOS. when you compare android against a desktop operating system, it becomes apparent how terrible it and every other mobile operating system is. i don't want GNOME 3 on my phone, but i don't want Unfortunately, YouTube has stopped., the shitty ecosystem of app stores, the normalisation of apps with advertisements, the way that google intentionally makes it as difficult as possible to use android without non-free google garbage, the fracturing of version distributions, samsung touchwiz and other horrid themes, the bixby button, notches, the removal of the headphone jack, the removal of the microSD... why are phones so terrible?

Interesting #Mozilla podcast with Shoshana Zuboff, author of The Age of Surveillance Capitalism.

#PrivacyBadger is a useful add-on from the #EFF for web browsers that helps protect users from being tracked.

You can get it from the official site:

It is really easy to use, it automatically learns as it goes along, and you can use it simultaneously with different kinds of protective add-ons like uBlock Origin.

If you have a non-techie friend or relative who is concerned about privacy, you might want to install Privacy Badger on their browser.


Here's an idea: a #NoJS challenge.

Making a website? Avoid using JavaScript.

See how much of the functionality and design you were planning can be done using plain HTML, CSS and other web technologies that are now embedded in the typical browser without needing JavaScript code to do any of it.

Even if it seems impossible, look it up. It just might be possible.

There's so much stuff in there now, even a seasoned webmaster could be surprised.

the end game here

you shall exist in one of possible 6 emotional states
- 'anger' for not being able to buy
- 'disgust' for not buying enough
- 'fear' of not being able to buy
- 'happiness' for being about to buy or having bought
- 'sadness' for not having bought
- 'surprise' for having bought even if you didn't mean to

facebook splitting up the word “sponsored” to sneak past adblockers

Project Fission–Firefox :firefox: will get a "site isolation" feature, similar to Chrome/Chromium:

– no ETA for Project Fission
– Currently, Firefox comes with one process for the browser's user interface, and a few processes for the Firefox code that renders the websites

#mozilla #firefox #site #isolation #fission #infosec #webbrowser #cybersecurity #security


No need to be perfect. Just remember that even the shit that feels permanent passes and focus on being just a bit better today than yesterday. There's always people willing to listen if you need to talk. As the old quote goes "No one can change everything, but everyone can change something." is henceforth sourcehut.

We're still going to use the old domain cause it's nice and short, but the marketing material lives here and now you know how to prounounce it 🎉

Working on a section for about free open alternatives to Adobe's Creative Cloud.

Any suggestions to add to this list?

After Effects -> @Blender

Audition -> Audacity

Illustrator -> @krita

Photoshop -> @GIMP

Premiere -> ?

...good free open NLE video editors to replace Premiere would be especially welcome.

I finally got fed up with not being able to find good digital copies of a bunch of public domain TV shows.

So I broke down and bought the most common/best available DVDs for: Space Patrol; Rocky Jones, Space Ranger; Flash Gordon; The Phantom Empire; Clutch Cargo; Space Angel; and a couple of other shows.

I'm going to do nice, high quality rips with good metadata and get them up on the internet archive, peertube, and possibly a homespun torrent tracker.

Porkbun is having $2 domain name sale right now for first year registrations of the following domain names:


p.s. this is not a promotional post I just like domain names and this is the registrar I have been using for a few years that I am quite happy with...

Linux, systemd 

'Palantir will help the UN’s World Food Programme analyse its data in a new partnership worth $45 million'
💀 💀 💀

The video of our talk is now available on the FreedomBox PeerTube channel.

Digital Empowerment in Rural India - powered by FreedomBox, XConf 2018, India

@attac_hl @BartG95 @Purism in the typical "you're moving mountains, move *insert-mountain-here* mountain too." our overall plan that we continue to move mountains on is generalized as "iterate, gain leverage, use that leverage to better society." So to your question, and all related questions, we are getting there in our marathon goal where every step improves society.

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