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– “permanent surveillance”
– “massive data scraping” under the guise of fighting climate change
– privatization of our cities
#Alphabet/#Google keeps all the data

Green paradise or data-stealing dystopia? Toronto smart city sparks debate

As a remote I have to make every interaction successful using video, text chat, etc., so any insistence that a meeting needs to happen "face to face" will 1) exclude me, 2) limit my contributions, and 3) just seem extremely lazy in my eyes.


I hear that a lot. I think that, as decentralizing technology spreads, we'll run into hurdles related to ISPs and telecoms. These hurdles will even be unique to each user's provider and home country/region.

Figuring out how to solve these problems is a step in the #DecentralizeTheWeb movement. Some solutions may be technical, and some may be political. But we'll have to figure it out together.

I'm an optimist, so I'll keep pushing forward.

-Danny at the FreedomBox Foundation

It creeps me out every time Amazon logs me in with just the username and not asking for password.

I always open it in a private browser window and have no stored Amazon cookies either.

"Both this EU proposal and the Copyright Directive put a lot of faith in these tools, showing little concern for the consequences they may carry for free expression, journalism, and public information."

THIS is the rallying cry I needed on a Monday morning…

“But if we are going to talk about smashing patriarchy and dismantling systems of oppression (as we should!), we need to understand the role of surveillance and data exploitation in perpetuating and enhancing those systems”

From the #SSB principles stack 1/2:
"We acknowledge the natural, the virtual, and the social environments. Our responsibility is to recognize which resources are abundant, which are sufficient, and adapt accordingly through efficiency.

Technology is simply the means by which we communicate. We use local-first publishing so that each person owns their words and actions. Our solutions are piecemeal upgradeable, replaceable and incrementally improvable."

I have to say this doesn't exactly raise confidence in Debian knowing how the development process works.

Every account has a RSS feed, but you might not have realized that.

We added an RSS feed link to profiles. Shipping soon! #pixelfed #indieweb #rss
Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 1.17.…

I've been donating to @mozilla Thunderbird (every month) for a few months now. It occurred to me that I was not doing anything to support one of the most important free software projects that I depend upon daily.

Please consider donating:

#freesoftware #mozilla

Every now and then I try to get back into a fantasy game like Witcher 3 and I tend to bounce off.

I think I'm too much of a tech & scifi nerd to get into the world.

Sitting on a horse in a mucky swamp amidst people in rags living in huts - and I'm thinking this place could use some indoor plumbing & sanitation, some light rail would be nice, and no one's using any of this magic productively...

I really appreciate the work of EFF on the defense of our digital rights. But IMHO many apps in the #fixitalready campaign fit better in a #deleteitalready one.

<< “We should be working the least amount we’ve ever worked, if we were actually paid based on how much wealth we were producing,” she said. “But we’re not. We’re paid on how little we’re desperate enough to accept. And then the rest is skimmed off and given to a billionaire.” >>

Linux communities in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Africa overall are on the rise.

Been following several local instances, heroes and creators.

Any African Linux users and enthusiasts on Mastodon? Please, chime in 🙂

I'd love to hear more stories, about meetups, startups, successes etc. (!)

#Linux #Africa #LinuxAfrica

Emacs support for Java is improving by leaps and bounds. The last time I was doing paid Java work I had to drive a headless Eclipse from Emacs!

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