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#Firefox #Fuckupfox
Well, I fixed the Addon-Problem with the
...and I had a look inside what it does... (adding an intermediate cert to certdb and reverify all addons)

So, does this mean every Addon can add any cert if it thinks this is funny? Isn't this another big security hole?

Folks, I’m seeing a lot of people recommend setting xpinstall.signatures.required to false to fix the Firefox extensions issue.


It disables signature checking on extensions which means that you open yourself up to malicious extensions if you install any new ones or if you have auto updates on.

Either follow the instructions here by @amolith

Or go the officially recommended (but less private) route:


The #Strike against #uber and #Lyft on the 8th of May will hit cities like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles, among others. There are also reports from London groups organizing for action on the day of Uber's IPO (Initial Public Offering: when a Company first sells shares on the stock market), and more cities from around the world are joining.

The demands (as listed by the organizers at Gig Workers Rising include:

+ Living wage: Uber and Lyft must pay drivers a livable hourly rate (after expenses).

+ Transparency: Clear policies on wages, tips, fare breakdowns and deactivations.

+ Benefits: Such as disability, workers comp, retirement, health care, death benefits, and paid time off.

+ Voice at work: A recognized independent worker organization, the freedom to stand together without fear of retaliation and a fair and transparent process for deactivations.

I've got Jabber and I'm not afraid to use it :blobnomcookie:

Mozilla Firefox :firefox: – expired immediate signing certificate results in many disabled extensions:

– users report that many of their Firefox extensions are disabled
– some "security" people recommend to turn off the check for signatures → we don't recommend this at all (it's like ignoring any other certificate error which is insecure in most cases)

#mozilla #firefox #broken #certificate #extensions #authenticity

Why Poddery matters by @bady

Why Poddery matters Poddery ( is one of the pods in the decentralized social network. But for me, it's much more than that. When Poddery was scheduled to close on 2013, it's a community of willful people who brought it back to life with the campaign (

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It's crazy to me how much more productive you are when you're genuinely excited about the work you're doing.


As we all know, free software developer and Privacy hacktivist, Ola Bini, was illegally arrested recently by Ecuadorian government..

His arrest hearing is coming up. Tech community needs to stand by him today and voice to ensure his release!

#Privacy #Freedom

Here’s a bootleg recording* of my talk from Europacamp in Hamburg last week:

Shot on a mobile phone thanks to Mirjam Buettner’s tireless arms.

* The organisers of Europacamp thought only Yanis’s appearance and Lessig’s talk were worth having professionally recorded, not the other keynotes.

Also, shout out to the wonderful #SecureDrop people. I am endlessly amazed how low-maintenance and high-availability this (complicated, sensitive, mission-critical) system is.

I'd like to be like them when I grow up.

#youtube-dl is a public domain video and audio downloader for a wide range of sites.

youtube-dl can download from YouTube, PeerTube, and pretty much anything with a video or audio stream embedded somewhere in the page.

youtube-dl can also recurse into other video links present on the page, allowing for a full account/channel #backup if so desired.

It can also download comments and other metadata.

Website 🔗:

apt 📦: youtube-dl

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations


2) I wrote about #Purism could've avoided their current bad publisicty
2) I'm sharing my poem about #Privacy and personal data tracking
3) I'm sharing my 3-year-old essay about how #Clickbait can save journalism
4) and sharing another essay from the same time about how, when working in independent #Journalism, I needed to be picky about my friends.


A meme showing someone, labeled "Newbie Programmers," at the bottom of the stairs, stepping onto the 5th step, labeled, "AI and ML." They have bypassed the steps "hello world," "OOP," "data structures," and "algorithms."

Aditya Chakrabortty: *The hounding of Greta Thunberg is proof that the right have run out of ideas*

"Over the past few days, something extraordinary has happened in our politics. A bunch of grown men have begun bullying a schoolgirl. Perhaps you already know who I mean: Greta Thunberg, she of the pigtails and school strikes, who came to Westminster last week and slammed adoring MPs for posturing rather than taking action on climate breakdown, then hoofed it over to St Pancras for the 36-hour train ride back to Stockholm.

Which left the eco-denialists back here with a stonking great headache: how to bash this 16-year-old celeb? Not by dismantling her arguments, not when the scientists and Sir David of Blue Planet back her up. Nor by sniffing around her record, since by definition a teenager hasn’t much of a past to rake over. The standard methods of political warfare off-limits to them, they are trying something new and unusual. They are sinking their teeth into her.


#GlobalWarming #GretaThunberg #farright #fascists

Debian's new Project Leader has issued his first monthly report with his initial activities serving in the "DPL" role at - discuss at #freepost

@njoseph does actually federate with other instances.

@bob @alcinnz @kev

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