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Earth has 2.2 trillion acres where forests can regrow. Restoring those forests could absorb two-thirds of human-produced carbon in the atmosphere, making restoration our most powerful weapon in fighting climate change, according to a major new study.

Android has introduced split APKs, which makes life difficult for people using de-Googlified phones.

I'm using Yalp store on LineageOS. Installing split APKs requires that you have a rooted device.

Steps to install an app with a split APK:

1. Enable the following setting in Yalp Store:
Settings -> Installation method -> Using root

2. Install the app with the split APK.

3. Toggle it back to the default method after your installation is done.

Julius: open source speech recognition.

High-performance large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) engine for speech-related researchs & developments.

With HMM acoustic model and language model, construct your own speech recognition system.

Dictate your prose into the computer and have it made into text to edit.

The main platform is naturally Linux.

#Julius #speechtotext #LVCSR #speechrecognition #opensource #Linux #vocabulary #language #books

YouTube is deleting videos and channels it deems containing instructional hacking vids. This obviously has chilling effects for confs and security youtubers.

I'm setting up a 44CON #peertube instance, hopefully later today but moving offices (yay hexchange day!) so it may take a while. If there are any security youtubers who want an account, reply here.

My local library offers free Mango Languages. It's a service that helps you learn to speak another language. I set up an account. I've always wanted to learn Spanish.

Libraries are freaking rad.

Upgraded to 15.1 🎉

My phone is 4+ years old and going strong.

I'm really excited to hear about the performance and headaches people are getting out of the Pi4.

What does #FreedomBox have to do with the EU Copyright Directive?

"As well as helping to create an alternative to the non-open, filtered internet that is coming to the EU, the FreedomBox initiative will move us closer to creating a more resilient global internet that is censorship-resistant. It should become a priority for the Open Source community."

Read @glynmoody's latest:


Some members are listed here: .

Our logo intentionally resembles the FSF logo because we aim to be for silicon what the FSF is for software. We had extensive discussions with Richard Stallman before deciding to create the F-Si.

The F-Si is formally a "Swiss Verein" according to Art. 60-79 of the ZGB (see for legal details and budget checking rules).

The F-Si budget is currently below 10kEur.

I still have like two or three proprietary apps on my phone. One of them is a bank app. They decided to use a split APK, which Yalp Store cannot install without root privileges.

One less proprietary app on my phone! 🎉 🤐 😞

Oh, #Cloudflare was having issues and brought a lot of websites down with it? That's not great.

But thankfully it's not that hard to roll out your own "DDoS protection" (or caching; just call it caching) setup. Here, you can even use our configs:

Yes, we use them in production, serving sometimes hundreds of thousands views per day.

Patches welcome. #SysAdmin

Ever since I got a Pleroma account with 5000 characters, I stopped writing on my blog.

Having an old-school blog is still useful to quickly link to something i wrote down a long time ago.

Here's a mountain lion in a cardboard box for you.

“A priest is not somebody who knows how to perform the rain dance and end the drought. A priest is somebody who knows how to justify why the rain dance failed.”

-- 21 Lessons for the 21st Century

"What happened to my JavaScript phone?" by Garann Means

Great talk. You could also call this "What happened to my open-source/hackable phone?" Maybe someday the smartphone market will stabilize to the point where the geeks can take it back.

Google Glass 2 Enterprise Edition  

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