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I just attended the local School Strike For Climate protest (plus a conference call with Australian standards exports), and wow! It had a huge turnout. Though I haven't taken any photos, sorry.

There was plenty of protest signs amongst the large crowd, a haka, a couple of speeches (opening, as is customery here, with a greeting in Maori), and a march to the town council buildings.

I'm really impressed!

@kungtotte even that mode of thought is flawed. Customers don't want features, they want their problem solved.

#Chef will not renew its contracts with #ICE and #CBP which will expire next year

[…] Chef, as well as other companies, can take stronger positions against these policies that violate basic human rights. […] - the right decision after lots of pressure.

If someone were interested in adding livestreaming support to PeerTube, feel free to reach out to me for mentorship on the technical aspects of livestreaming video

#octodon blocked because of the spam. i'm tired of suspending obvious follow bots all day

NEWS: The "FreedomBox for Communities" e-book has been published to Wikibooks!

This e-book teaches readers how to build a community-wide implementation of #FreedomBox. It was written by the same people who installed FreedomBoxes in rural India.


that you can toggle between two apps in Android by double-tapping the apps button (usually on the left) in the bottom menu. Like Alt+Tab/Cmd+Tab in desktop operating systems.

Tried on LineageOS 15.1

The youth are chanting: “The wrong ICE is melting, the wrong Amazon is burning!”

Windmills above the treeline in forests
Solar panels over vegetables in farms

Attended a CryptoParty organized by CCC in Hamburg today.

Today's discussion was mostly about password management. A lot of non-technical people attended and shared their password and MFA techniques and tools.

I only had SyncThing to offer since most people were already using KeePassX*.
One participant had a low-tech solution. He saves his passwords from desktop and only reads them on his mobile. Once in a month, he copies the latest kdbx file into his mobile device using a microUSB cable.

EVENT: #FreedomBox at a CryptoParty Event in Berlin, Germany! 🇩🇪

This Friday (2019-09-20), one of our community members will discuss FreedomBox (what it is, how to install it, etc.) at a CryptoParty at c-base in Berlin, Germany.

Doors open at 8pm, the event starts at 8:30pm.

We hope you can make it!


Shout out to every meetup and conference organizer. Every collaborator who jumps into issue trackers and constantly answers questions. Every docs writer. Every person crafting and scaling project processes. Every person who QAs (pre-!)releases as they go out.

According to the #fediverse has crossed 3 million registered users (and this is excluding Gab)

One thing I so want to contribute to, but can't find the time/energy to do is improving the documentation.

PS: I confess, I just use Arch's documentation and figure out myself how to do that in a Debian context.

#debian #documentation

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