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The Humble Book Bundle: Linux & BSD Bookshelf by No Starch Press has launched on Humble and is going through November 18th!

These books have helped some of my friends fall in love with BSD and Linux. :)

(Affiliate link: this link helps me eat.)

The @gnome
#PatentTroll defense fund is *very* close to crossing into 6 figures. Even giving tiny amounts send a strong message about the number of donors who are motivated by this attack on our community! The donation goal is now totally within reach.

once you install Cloud Firewall, and block Amazon, Cloudflare, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Apple you can hardly surf any websites.

Really brings home the point that most of the web is controlled by these big companies. Scary.

If you run a pyramid scheme with money they call it "evil", and "conniving", but you run a pyramid scheme with people's labor it's "entrepreneurship"

F-Droid distribution of our app was down for some weeks, but it's now back online 🚀

Do I need to use this microphone? 

Yes. Use it. The answer is always yes. Everyone does not have a perfect hearing. We have microphones for a reason.

Apt Updates on Public WiFi with #Tor

McDonald's and Starbucks' adult content filtering are blocking apt updates. Here's how to keep you system up to date.

FreedomBox 19.19 has a new app for basic Git web hosting using gitweb.

I am shifting all of my personal projects that were still on Microsoft GitHub and to my FreedomBox.

You know how you act differently around your boss, even when you're all at the bar, even with bosses that like to feel like their subordinates' friend?

That's the lived experience of marginalized people around most others with more privilege than them, including you.

NEWS: Announcing the FreedomBox Summit 2019

On Friday, November 15th, we'll hold our second consecutive FreedomBox Summit in New York City! Invited members of the FreedomBox Core Team will join the FreedomBox Foundation's staff for a full day of discussions.

To the #FreedomBox community: just like last year, we'll assemble an agenda with YOUR suggestions. Read the news item below to learn how to have your voice heard!


Mobile money/fintech: "Are we just actually promoting systems that make it more expensive to be poor?"


Your inability to envision a non-hierarchical situation that isn't chaotic is kind of a problem for you and leads me to believe you have authoritarian leanings, bro.

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@heluecht I am forking GS and modernizing it by refactoring the code and using Laravel. AP will be a priority after that.

Disney+ streaming uses draconian DRM, avoid

First of all, as always my opinions are my own, not those of my employer. Since I have 2 children I was happy to learn that the Netherlands would be one of the first countries to get Disney+ streaming. So I subscribed for the testing period, problem all devices in my home run Fedora. I started up…

if it's not encrypted at rest, consider it eventually public

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