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Cooperative games to play with your loved ones while stuck in a house with them: GO!

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There was a talk at Google by Douglas Rushkoff about his book "Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus" which I posted last year.

This talk is even more awkward.

"We're all feeling awkward right now, coz we're talking about breaking up Google at Google"
- Anand Giridharadas,
author of "Winners take all - the elite charade of changing the world"

Whoever brought him in as a speaker obviously didn't read his book. 😀

When people tell stories about widely used open source projects going quiet when its developers are no longer being funded to work on the project, it's very, very, true.

I still have funding which allows me to keep some lights on at SVN. But most of the other devs don't, and the camel's back will break at some point.

Yes, SVN is still heavily relied upon. Ask developers working in industry, finance, and manufacturing.

Where is this bullshit late 90s open source "revolution" when you need it?

Spent an entire week offline and without cellular signal, except for a couple of hours on Wednesday.

This wasn't a planned digital detox. I just went to a remote region in the hills where my network provider has no coverage.

I was glad to experience a week of digital minimalism though involuntarily.

Maybe one should have 3 or 4 such weeks per year to disconnect, appreciate nature, do some self-reflection and finish a good chunk of the reading backlog.

Issues "Linux" has on gaining mainstream usage, and how to address them:

Definitely resonates a lot with me, curious to hear others' thoughts.

About time somebody wrote about Silicon Valley apologists

"The prodigal tech bro doesn’t want structural change. He is reassurance, not revolution. He’s invested in the status quo."

"Prodigal tech bro stories skip straight from the past, when they were part of something that—surprise!—turned out to be bad, to the present, where they are now a moral authority on how to do good, but without the transitional moments of revelation and remorse."

The Prodigal Techbro

Desktop Linux has severe awareness and reputation issues. Changing that is our mission.

@cypnk I mean, I try to do that whenever possible! is just html/css! 900kb of pngs, 30kb of html/css

Framasoft grew to 38 services between 2014 and 2017. They will be restricting some of the services and closing some others. This is to focus on a smaller core set of services and not centralize too many users at the same place (the current estimate is 700,000).

We have to take this opportunity to thank @Framasoft for all their work!

Also, it's time for the rest of us to pick up the pace and do community hosting.

"Take the ‘home’ in literally and the ‘self’ in self-hosting figuratively

That means we try to host from our homes rather than from data centres - a.k.a. ‘the cloud’ - and we try to host for and with our communities rather than just for ourselves."

"When you take #VentureCapital, it is not a matter of if you’re going to sell your users, you already have. It’s called an exit plan. And no investor will give you venture capital without one. In the myopic and upside-down world of venture capital, exits precede the building of the actual thing itself. It would be a comedy if the repercussions of this toxic system were not so tragic."
- #AralBalkan

Came across web application builder platform named over the weekend and have been playing around with it l a bit. I have to admit it is very nicely done and feels robust, allows tons of customisations, has good controls for forms and does feel like MS access replacement for web.

I am just surprised as to why it is not being talked about more frequently.



If you're working in software, you just have to get used to the fact that people will periodically rebrand things you've did years ago as if it were brand new.

Like, JAMStack. I worked on a website with literally that architecture back in 2006 (pre-render, dynamism using AJAX).

And, no, adding serverless into the mix doesn't make JAMstack a fundamentally different thing from a development perspective. It makes some difference in terms of deployment but not dev.

Neat: Luxembourg just made all standard class public transit free

I'm slowly migrating from OpenVPN to Wireguard for my internal VPN and I have to say that I just love this thing.
Wireguard is probably one of the most awesome technologies that I ever saw. With something easy as a 10 line configuration file I can set up a super slim, fast, (reliable?), cross-platform VPN that is so easy on the hardware, it probably will run on a washing machine.

Technology in 2020 can be awesome.

OTOH I'm aware that having sponsors allows conferences to make registration much cheaper, or even gratis. Compare this to academic conferences, where institutions often pay hundreds of dollars for their faculty to attend 2-3 day conferences. Maybe a consortium of well-funded digits rights organizations could set up a conference fund, so conferences could refuse to promote companies involved in surveillance capitalism?

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How Scientists Wrestle with Grief Over Climate Change

" ... 'instead of documenting nature's wonders ... I was documenting its degradation.' Scientists ... are grieving over the ecological losses they're witnessing firsthand.

They are worried about the probability of more losses to come and are frustrated that warnings about the dangers of unchecked carbon emissions have gone largely unheeded."

#ClimateChange #ClimateGrief #Ecosocial #Ecology #MentalHealth

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