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In 20 minutes we'll be live on with a presentation from @mhoye (Mozilla) and @Gargron (Mastodon) PLUS big exciting demo from Dendrite! #meetup #otwsu JOIN US!

I'm surprised to find that the default apps in KDE are just... great?! I like Kate editor, Konsole terminal, and even Dolphin file manger seems good.
I struggle a bit with the trackpad, but otherwise the Pinebook Pro is actually working as a (personal use) daily driver.

Thrown my Keybase account in the bin along with Google, Facebook, Twitter and many more. Gone back to #XMPP for my group messaging now.

Folks have a very narrow view of the term “currency”. Things have value because enough people decide they do. Depending on the thing, this may be as few as one person, but that’s more than zero who will accept that as currency

Not everything needs to have an assigned value on state-controlled terms, but almost anything, tangible or not, can be currency to someone

New app!

A new system app for monitoring performance has been integrated into FreedomBox.

Performance app allows you to collect, store and view information about utilization of the hardware. It uses an application called "Cockpit Performance Co-Pilot" (cockpit-pcp).

This app is available for installation at System -> Performance

Learn more about this app:

Expected to be released in FreedomBox v20.9

This podcast I've been following managed to do an episode with Steve Wozniak :blobcheer:

Command Line Heroes: Season 4: One More Thing with Steve Wozniak

"Until, years from now, when it will be noticed that the massive collection and speed-of-light retrieval of data have been of great value to large-scale organizations but have solved very little of importance to most people and have created at least as many problems for them as they may have solved."
- Neil Postman, "Amusing Ourselves to Death". 1984

Very much looking forward to this Wednesday, when we'll host the second Open Tech Will Save Us event! @Gargron - creator of Mastodon! - will join us for a Q&A about scaling, while @mhoye from Mozilla will present about "Verbs in the fediverse". Plus, more to be announced!

We've scheduled a planning meeting for ActivityPub Conference 2020 next Saturday (5/16/20) at noon EST . We’ll be connecting via mumble at: and on irc in #apconf on freenode


Surveillance Capitalism and the Climate Crisis 

I just read Surveillance Capitalism and the Climate Crisis by @njoseph and it's an excellent, concise explanation of how the one contributes to the other.

Surveillance calls upon ever increasing collection of data, which requires more energy, which contributes to the climate crisis.

Also, much of surveillance capitalism is directed at those of us working for climate justice.

#Surveillance #Privacy #ClimateCrisis

"The Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) is a modular, DIY, low-cost, high-performance platform that allows for the easy fabrication of the 50 different Industrial Machines that it takes to build a small, sustainable civilization with modern comforts." — Open source ecology (

wow <3

What do you get when you take a majestic eagle, a symbol of strength, beauty, and freedom... and lock it in a dingy cage? You get tragedy. Or you get irony, like Microsoft's WSL - the worse of both worlds: freedom, totally constrained by relentless mediocrity.

Amusingly, despite MSFT's massive PR campaign, looks like not too many have been taken in by this completely pointless development:

We should get rid of labelling FOSS licences as Permissive and Non-Permissive. Instead we should start using the labels Protective and Non-Protective licenses to mean Copyleft licenses that protects our freedom and open source licenses that doesn't protect our freedom.

We should stop using their vocabulary and start using ours. #FreeSoftware #FOSS #Hegemony

Vandana Shiva's not wrong. In fact, I fear she's mostly quite right. The billionaires will never save us. They'll just spin what they do as our salvation, while they ensure they stay on top of the heap. We're mugs if we accept it.

amazon (-) 

"Amazon lied to Southern California warehouse workers, telling them that the state's paid sick-leave law didn't extend to warehouses and warned them that they'd be fired for missing shift. Sick workers are coming in and infecting others."

I just punted back my subscriptions and am looking for alternate suppliers for staples. Amazon only has one advantage: convenience. With a little effort, I'm pretty sure I can find other stores that can compete on price.

I might post a few of those findings with a hashtag, maybe #AmazonAlternative?

The catch is some companies just dropship via Amazon anyway; they compete on price because they get the affiliate commission or have worked out special deals. Weeding those out may take longer.

gitea Wikis are intuitively stored in their own repo,

but where are Issues even hiding?

i have no idea how i'd back up my Issues

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