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In some ways I'm releasing it like Linus released Linux back in the 1990s: posting to the Usenet of our day with an offer for folks to check out this project that I've been working on.

We'll see where this leads.

(If you want to check out the soft-launch version it's at

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I finally got around to listening to LibreLounge#38 "User Interfaces with Mairin Duffy", and I really liked it!

It does a good job explaining the current situation regarding UX in regards to libre software! Basically we now generally understand the importance of good UX, but there's more demand for those skills than supply. And most projects tend not to understand how to take advantage of them effectively.

Lets take for a moment and appreciate how easy it is to get into coding and software development these days.

* Free IDEs
* Free compilers
* Widely available and free tutorials
* A huge and supportive community

My 8 year old self would be jumping for joy if he had access to what I have access to now.

Hello World! 👋

Greetings from the OONI-verse! 💫 🐙 💫

#ooni #ooniprobe #freesoftware #censorship

@lightweight @bob I think the ecosystem is moving. In the days of boxed products free software was directly opositional to Microsoft's business model. They saw Linux as an existential threat to be crushed.

In the last 15 years surveillance has become the main business model. When the commodity is behavioral surplus futures trades (Zuboff) this means that whether the desktop is running Windows or not becomes less relevant to the bottom line. Microsoft never really grokked the web and failed in the mobile market. They're continuing to exist upon revenue streams which could dry up in the next decade.

Google and Facebook showed that by controlling large amounts of infrastructure the question of whether the software is free becomes an inconsequential detail. They may be running largely free software in data centers, but from the user point of view that doesn't result in them having anything more than serf status. Coming from the personal computer heritage, Microsoft lagged behind in utility computing and is only now trying to catch up.

I encounter #MaidSafe #safenetwork in the #solid project now and then, and it recently featured on #HackerNews too.

Apparently though it has a safecoin (not to be confused with the scam), it does not use blockchain (which I'm adverse to).

The project, still in alpha, looks interesting. #p2p #censorship resistant and many #privacy features.

What is your opinion about this project? Do you use it already? Where does it fit in the #decentralized web?

Hi Fediverse 👋

to break the quietness of this account, here's a quick news flash:

- We added a list with Zoom alternatives 🤙

- We replaced some entries on "Bubbling under" 🔧

- We added Cryptpad to the Doodle list as it has a poll feature 🗒️

- Our DRM article has images now 🙃

- We have an Audible list in the pipeline 🎧

Thanks to @uniq for the nudge to write this! 😊👍

Yaaay badwolf 1.0.0 released! 🎉

Tarball (minisign/signify, OpenPGP)


Hope you'll enjoy it :flan_cheer: (and that there is no major bugs :blob_fearful: )

How do we make Free Software more approachable, easier to use and more effective? That is the discipline of User Experience design.

@emacsen and @cwebber interview UX expert Máirín Duffy about Free Software interfaces and more.

Beaker Browser: Currently, the directory uses Twitter usernames to list profile drives, so you can find people by looking up their Twitter handle

Er, no, thanks.

Reject dependencies on silo systems.

There, I ordered my first #pinephone . I plan to use #Debian on it and write applications in #Nim with either #Gtk or #Qt

In 20 minutes we'll be live on with a presentation from @mhoye (Mozilla) and @Gargron (Mastodon) PLUS big exciting demo from Dendrite! #meetup #otwsu JOIN US!

I'm surprised to find that the default apps in KDE are just... great?! I like Kate editor, Konsole terminal, and even Dolphin file manger seems good.
I struggle a bit with the trackpad, but otherwise the Pinebook Pro is actually working as a (personal use) daily driver.

Thrown my Keybase account in the bin along with Google, Facebook, Twitter and many more. Gone back to #XMPP for my group messaging now.

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