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The pioneer freedombox from @olimex is even nicer than I immagined. You guys should post more pictures. The solid metal case, the solid embossed logo, the rubberised feet, and all the extra ports - HDMI, micro-usb, etc. Really quality stuff! 😀

If I were to create an advertisement for , it would be like this:

"Do not let GAFAM curate the web for you. Curate it yourself. Use RSS feeds."

Feel free to steal this. 😉

It bothers me that privacy violations are often justified with protection of children. Privacy is critical for everyone, especially for a child during their formative years. Forcibly spying on children instead of just teaching them all you can and trusting them just plants a deepseeded distrust for authority.

My job for myself: build my expertise.
My job for my team: remove systemic limits on using our expertise effectively.

In the immortal words of William Gibson: "Night City was like a deranged experiment in social Darwinism, designed by a bored researcher who kept one thumb
permanently on the fast-forward button."

(this is your periodic reminder: cyberpunk was a warning, not a suggestion)

Amazon Flex drivers develop various folk theories of how the app works, and one of these - which sounds plausible to me - is that you are more likely to get a job if the app thinks you're physically close to a pickup spot.


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The game plan

1. Build a garden
2. Lure people into the garden
3. Imprison the people inside by building a wall around the garden
4. Gradually destroy the garden and build a shopping mall in its place 🤑

Capitalism: 1
People: 0

Google's war against ad-blocking continues...

WebBundles Harmful to Content Blocking, Security Tools, and the Open Web (Standards Updates #2)

For those who want to read Cory Doctorow's recent book about surveillance capitalism and don't want to put up with Medium's BS, I created a Wallabag public link.

"If we are going to tame Big Tech, let us tame them - by reducing their power, not by demanding that they exercise it wisely. If Big Tech has too much power, let's take some of it away - we'll never get them to use it for good." - Cory Doctorow

Today,there are many proposals to fix Big Tech, but too often, these proposals start from the premise that Big Tech is permanent and there is no need to consider the way new rules would impact potential competitors, because they're already doomed.

Last year's EU Copyright Directive, for example, with its mandate for expensive copyright filters for online services (how expensive? Google spend $100m developing Contentid, a toy version of what the EU rule requires).


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Every monopolist's first preference is to be totally unregulated, but every monopolist's SECOND preference is to be regulated in a way that only a monopolist can comply with, thus foreclosing on the possibility of competition from an as-yet-nonexistent upstart.

Look at AT&T, or, as it was known in its monopolistic glory days, "The Bell System."


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Please Boost: Outreachy internships are remote, paid ($6,000 stipend), and last three months.

#Outreachy supports #diversity in free and open source software! Initial applications for the @outreachy Dec 2020 to Mar 2021 internships are due on Sep 20 at 4pm UTC:

#intern #FLOSSjobs

Did you know you can ctrl/shift-click to select multiple tabs in Firefox?

You can then move them around or reload all of the select tabs easily.

ThoughtWorks Podcast: Machine learning in astrophysics

So refreshing to see machine learning being used for scientific research instead of surveillance capitalism.

Thanks for attending our DebConf20 talk. If you missed it, you can watch the recording on our PeerTube channel.

In our talk, we called for the Debian community to help us with getting more applications into FreedomBox.

We have identified some of the low-hanging fruits in the following forum post.

You can contribute either by writing FreedomBox apps in Python or through Debian packaging.

Please boost!

i think the biggest tech coup of this century is that MBA techbros trained and conditioned people to accept and adopt the conecpt of “microtransactions” as a valid concept,

which in turn,

opened the door to things like “apps” and opt-out-with-microtransaction-adware and the entire Play/App Store ecosystem which has turned operating systems into network-dependent devices which will cease to operate correctly without a constant network connection to the OS’s manufacturer (yes, things which don’t get made in a factory are still “manufactured” and “shipped”, even if only online)

these last 15 years of those MBAs who moved to Silicon Valley in lieu of Wall Street, and their “discovering” they could make brutal fistfuls of money off even the poorest of us, along with transmogrifying all end-users into a “product”, has trained an entire generation of folks who now think, largely unconsciusly, how any/all of this is a steady-state of “normal” in any way whatsoever

Repost of something I put on Twitter, in response to a post about "Shuttering Google Reader Killed Blogging"

a repeat mistake: being excited about a decentralized system's success because a big player moves in, becoming reliant on it, not providing a better alternative, big player leaves, decentralized system dies from shock

see also xmpp and gtalk

hoping to do better...

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