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#mastoadmin answer 

a) I love having it local, it's really easy to troubleshoot connection issues and such since the machine it's hosted on is in the same house.
b) It's difficult if there's an update, I kinda have to go down. There are ways I could implement getting around that since I use a container host, but it's more complicated than it's worth to me personally.
c) Using a VPS is more expensive, and using a VPS means I have to trust that the provider I'm paying fro to host my instance isn't harvesting any data (IP logs, request logs, any other data on the VPS itself, metrics, etc). Many VPS services also often charge for larger storage, bandwidth, data caps, etc. The cost adds up if you want to do anything other than a single-user instance on a minimal VPS.

I'll conclude with that I already know someone will come by and propose a way to do things differently that invalidates my argument in some single way, but this is how I prefer, and how I've chosen to do things, and why.

Codenames of the next 3 Debian releases:

11 - Bullseye
12 - Bookworm
13 - Trixie

As long as Pixar keeps making Toy Story movies there will be new codenames for Debian releases.

This is one non-exhaustive list

Whenever I read passages from texts from the dawn of writing – those founding one-book-to-describe-it-all times, like the Mahabharata, Gilgamesh, the Trojan War … I imagine these to be the books written by the victors of an invasion, the upper class, justifying their values, their power, their world view – and how a superficial reading and liking of these texts indoctrinated people with the same values, as they have for thousands of years.

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Typing commands into a Cockpit terminal in Firefox...

Pressed Ctrl+W to delete previous word. :psyduck:

FreeTube - free (as in freedom) YouTube client. It is something as NewPipe for desktops. You don't need to Google account to subscribe your favourite channels (FreeTube can import subscriptions from NewPipe).There are no ads and all data is store locally.

Read more:

#YouTube #FreeTube #Privacy #FreeSoftware

For those interested in #emacs you might get a kick reading

It's an in-depth brain dump by Bernard S. Greenberg, author of #multics emacs c.a. 1979. His was the first Emacs to use lisp as it's extension language and probably the only one to have it's source code comments in a mixture of Yiddish and #Latin.

Gives background on #teco and the early creation of Emacs that was NOT done by #rms

I happened to use this as an programming intern around 1981

The status quo online is that we require the assistance of centralized intermediaries (like Stripe, PayPal, Patreon, BandCamp, etc) even beyond the banks to receive any money online. At which point most publishers just go for the menace which is online advertising!

Hopefully payto: can help change this! GNU Taler is excited!

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My ISP is not a big fan of "docker push".

Can pull at 11 MBps but push is throttled to 200 kBps.

People used to own their own websites in the pre-social media phase.

The ISP model was web hosting. Everyone would be a publisher. Everyone would have their own website.

Now the model is: you provide the content for someone else's website, for free. You don't own it, and it is used for a comprehensive surveillance system like the world has never seen to not only observe, but to manipulate and influence your affect and conduct. It is aggregated and used by every government and large corp.

🎃Happy Halloween!
I wanted to speedpaint this evening the Spritely Family, their design feels halloweeny to me. 🙂

(special launch offer on Pepper&Carrot books ends in 4h, 1144 books sold now! 👍)
#ccby #krita @cwebber

Branch is a new online magazine from

"Branch is an attempt to envision something radically different: An Internet that was created for all of us and the planet we depend on. Within its pages, you’ll find essays, presentations, art pieces, and interviews with designers, software engineers, activists and more that sketch a picture of what a cleaner and more just digital world could look like."

The first issue is available online

Noah Meyerhans | Debian STS: Short Term Support

Maybe the author hasn't heard of Debian Fast Track yet.

Remember the Microsoft Children's book for the stay-at-home server?

This fits the times, and they are more free and cheaper than ever!

Decentralise your data

@fribbledom "80% of the tools and ... didn't exist 10 years ago" is not my experience by far.
Some #FOSS technologies and concepts age like wine and allows your knowledge to build on itself for decades.
Some hyped high-churn stuff ages like fish and so does your knowledge.
We choose to learn but also learn to choose.

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