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My brother Steve and I like to engage in what we call "nerdouts": deep dives into nerdy subjects. While @mlemweb is busy with the last stages of her situation, we took over @fossandcrafts, and now such a nerdout is audience-facing!

This episode is kind of meta: an analysis not only about fuzzy and crisp *systems*, but the way Steve and I approach thinking about system design from opposite approaches, converging in the middle (hopefully)!

@kensanata Oh, true! How did I forget to mention #Anchor's monopoly?

I discovered @Castopod and it looks to be just the right solution for the #fediverse.


"Together", the new version of Jami and a new step forward

This is old news, but exciting nevertheless.

"Mobile versions of Jami (Android and iOS) are now much less demanding on your phone's resources, drastically reducing battery consumption. Mobile device wake up is improved, and calls are generally more efficient."

ecofascism marries eugenics to ecology, insisting that Earth has exceeded its "capacity" and balance can only be restored by despatching billions of unnecessary people.

The “unnecessary” are surprisingly, brown.

So basically yes; that's what a micro #Homelab looks like and where this instance and other privacy oriented and decentralized services are hosted awaiting the new server to shows up; and then it's gonna be peak performance again. Ain't much but that do the work! #selfhosting #sysadmin #mastoadmin

GNU Network Utilities Sees First Major Release In 9 Years (inetutils 2.0) #gnu #inetutils

inetutils includes many common programs like ping, ifconfig, hostname, whois etc. Also nice to see this release includes GNU/Hurd support improvements.

@matrix How good is the encryption for 1-on-1 video calls in Element?

Does it only use TLS or does it have E2EE as well?

PSA: #LibreOffice Draw can edit PDFs.

Needed to reorder pages in a PDF with a scanned document. Spent 20min searching for a tool for that, and then I remembered LO Draw lets me do it.


@z428 @bob It's the difference between a physical and an information service. It would be impractical if all medical services were provided from California. Yet this is what we do with software technology, because with current networks information can come from anywhere.

Decentralisation requires a change of mindset. It means you need to think about where information services are coming from and who controls them. Are they really working for us or for some other agenda? Are they meeting the needs of my community, or are they just extracting from it?

@nolan Gen Z here. Your point is mostly true but you shouldn't generalize it to all Gen Z. Me and a few some people I know are still interested in protecting decentralization with projects like Matrix and Gemini. Most people, gen X or Z, don't care about the tech as long as it gets the job done.

Heads up Synapse 1.26 final was released on Wednesday!! This is a massive release which should significantly improve state resolution perf, and adds support for Social Login (coming soon to a Matrix client near you), and other perf fixes. has the details

Do you want to run your own Fediverse instance, but don't want to do the tech stuff?

✅ Managed hosting services let you create your own instances without technical knowledge. They handle the tech stuff behind the scenes, you do the rest.

Some hosts for Mastodon, PixelFed & PeerTube include:


:mastodon: :pixelfed: :peertube:

:mastodon: (in Japanese)

#FediTips #MastoTips #Mastodon #PixelFed #PeerTube

Done. #whatsapp account deleted. Last month I deleted my #instagram account. 9 years ago I deleted my #facebook account. You can do it too!

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