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Which type of novelty-seeking web developer are you?

Not all things new and shiny are created equal.

FLOSS Weekly (Audio): FLOSS Weekly 622: Keith Packard -, X System (start at 04:45)

#Debian poll: if you don't use Stable, what archive are you using? And for how long have you been using Debian?

The underlying assumptions of Big Tech projects are fundamentally different from those of Small Tech projects.

I am collecting my knowledge on this topic on this page.

^ This is a wiki page and is unfinished by definition.

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You ever wonder why we live in a world where we constanly have to replace everything?

Believe it or not, it's all designed that way on purpose.

Welcome to the world of
"Planned Obsolescence"

i am so in awe of everybody who keeps maintaining the FLOSS code I rely on every day. Sometimes I just read their changelogs and marvel

Elite philanthropy mainly self-serving: it does more to create goodwill for the super-wealthy than to alleviate social ills for the poor, in new meta-analysis.

Billionaires are a system FAILURE. Tax the rich.

Check out the new blog entry from @akalanka about his work on the Okular website during Season of KDE. He is making great progress on the internalization and design of it :)

A friend of mine wants to get a new smartphone, there are two main criteria: 1. replaceable battery 2. should run lineageOS, are there any phones anybody can recommend for this? any experience with them? anything could help.

just permanently disappointed in software under capitalism

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@natecull @deejoe @dredmorbius MSFT doesn't sell software anymore, they sell you a subscription access to your own data in their proprietary (or faxupen) formats on their servers. A ransomware business model.

#gitea was hosted on Github, but had a clear plan on what milestones had to be passed for them to start self-hosting. Now they're migrating to . Gitea is a productive environment in which to host your project. With @codeberg you even get #codeberg Pages.

Github was proprietary from the beginning, but after Microsoft's acquisition it has moved deeper into the Extend phase with Github CLI. They're aiming for the entire open source infrastructure to orbit around them. Don't help them move the free software and open source world in this direction. You don't actually need Github. They need you.
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@bob @alcinnz @xerz the only people really benefiting from the self-destruction of the Free Software community are those who run proprietary software corporations, who already have more money & influence than most countries, and just want to be able to exploit (for their own inequitable proprietary gain) all the substantial fruits of our community's labour, just like they do all of the weakly licensed (mere) OSS out there.

We're excited to announce the official release of GNOME 40! After countless hours of work from the GNOME community, this release brings many exciting updates!

See the release highlights at

Or view all the details in our release notes:

#GNOME40 #releaseday #OpenSource

Episode 24: Get Organized!

@mlemweb returns from handing in her dissertation! @mlemweb and @cwebber talk topically about organizational systems which can help you stay focused when eg working from home or finishing your PhD (even in a global pandemic)!

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