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And John Oliver has produced another in his signature series of outstanding explainers of the Sacklers, their villainy, and the foundational, rage-inducing injustice of their permanent ascent to the 0.001%.

But here at the eleventh hour, there's a chance that the Sacklers will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Family spokesvillain David Sackler has threatened to pull out of the deal altogether.


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How did the internet become the privatized network it is today and get framed as the solution to poverty and joblessness? Look back to the Clinton administration.

#TechWontSaveUs #podcast

Matrix room back up at

A year ago, I started a personal campaign to #DeleteFacebook. I explained my reasoning hoping others might join me.

I will share a Facebook-free year retrospective in September.

My #FreedomBox has finished dist-upgrading itself to Debian Bullseye.

One app did not upgrade itself, that will be fixed in an upcoming release (hopefully today).

Bombay HC stays enforcement of code of ethics provisions under new IT rules

The High Court observed that the provisions were an intrusion on the right to freedom of speech and expression.

Somebody tried to brute force my password on that one GitLab instance where I didn't set up an MFA.

The moment that JavaScript can initiate file-transfers on my device without me initiating it is the moment that I'm turning off JavaScript altogether.

Sorry, but I lived through Java and its ability to break out of its sandbox. I don't need to relive that.

Before deciding to download a giant content package for Kiwix, you can first browse a live version of it at

If you find that the content package is broken, you save bandwidth for both yourself and the Kiwix mirror.

"CTXT, the Spanish publication that leaked the draft, said it showed that the global economy must be shifted rapidly away from a reliance on conventional GDP growth, but that the report underplays this. “The essential radical change in an economic system whose perverse operation of accumulation and reproduction of capital in perpetuity has brought us to the current critical point is not clearly mentioned,” CTXT wrote."

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We're meeting to discuss about the project and plan about its future. If you're interested, come by our Matrix room tomorrow at around 18:00 CEST.

( tooted by shine )

The company has committed another $100m to a Prop 22-style ballot initiative in Massachusetts, which will formalize worker misclassification, ban unionization, and destroy workers' lives. The sooner Uber dies, the better.

Tarcil (modified)



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Take the story that Uber could be a substitute for public transit. Private cars can't substitute for buses, light rail and subways. It's just fucking geometry. Number of cars * area occupied by cars * increased distances created by roads = infinity.

Uber *increased* road congestion.

Uber also made cities more hostile to bicycles, by turning bike lanes into Uber drop-off/pickup spots. No worries - cyclists can just take an Uber!


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Uber is a bezzle ("the magic interval when a confidence trickster knows he has the money he has appropriated but the victim does not yet understand that he has lost it"). Every bezzle ends.

Uber's time is up.

Uber was never going to be profitable. Never. It lured drivers and riders into cars by subsidizing rides with billions and billions of dollars from the Saudi royal family, keeping up the con-artist's ever-shifting patter about how all of this would some day stand on its own.


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