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I've been writing in a journal almost everyday since 2013. In fact, today is the 8th anniversary of when I created my php web-based journal. If you've been meaning to start a journal, here are some things that have helped me add to it consistently:

- lower the friction - make it super easy to make an entry. If it's paper, use bookmarks and have a writing implement attached to your book/etc. If it's digital, create a bookmark, an ios workflow, an email system - something that makes it super easy to write something. I write most of my posts using an XMPP chat bot, but that is much more complicated than necessary
- lower the bar - you don't have to write a descriptive essay for each entry. Just write something. Many of my entries are as simple as "woke up early. grumpy" or "lots of ideas today" or "I love indian food"
- read your journal often - I have gained a staggering amount of self-insight by reading what I wrote, even days later. Reading 8-year-old entries is even more enlightening
- If you have any sort of chronic illness, mental or otherwise, having a journal can make it easier to handle, track your moods and feelings, etc. I often use my journal as a resource when dealing with my health and self-care

@alcinnz @lightweight sadly FTAs on a regional scale often have more focus on extending capitalism's punitive reach past local borders, phrased as a necessary requirement for the trade zone, instead of recognising mutual benefits.

We are long overdue for a thorough and literal revolution to put the power in the hands of those who produce, and not those who skim the cream from collective labour.

Every billionaire, every multinational that skips taxes, is a failure in our system, and in our ethics, and they deserve to be struck down.

Food is not a privilege for those who "earned it", nor is healthcare, welfare, retirement, education. These are fundamental rights. We should add climate safety,

It is almost impossible to discuss *anything* today without using terms like earn, value, wealth, investment. Capitalism's perverse framing of costs & benefits without rights as a framework for viewing all changes disgusts me.

The sole reason that capitalism continues to "succeed" is that those in power benefit from it, promote it, and lie to support it, while disrespecting the real safety in self-reinforcing communities as "socialism" and "communists". As if taking care of your community is somehow a bad thing.

How far have we fallen?

Since mid-2021, we've seen the number of obs4 bridges decreasing & a subsequent overload of existing bridges.

Bridges are relatively easy / low bandwidth to operate, but they have a big impact. By running a Tor bridge, you help people bypass censorship.

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Small brain: Network of reverse proxies feeding Kubernetes containerized microservices
Medium brain: Reverse-proxying to various server processes on the same bare-metal machine
Large brain: PHP/Python/Perl/etc. multi-app Web framework
Galaxy brain: CGI scripts

Surprise! When you force Big Tech to do the right thing, it turns out not to be such a "world-ending" event as they'd like you to believe:

"#Apple is opening up iPhones and Macs to at-home repairs. The company plans to start selling parts and tools and offering instructions on how to repair Apple products at home, without having to bring them into a store or a third-party repair shop. Apple plans to start with the iPhone 12 and 13, followed by Macs with M1 chips."


We need to move away from the thinking of projects as individual specks in the software landscape, that have a single circle of community around them once they grow.

Instead there are already countless communities that are ready to embrace that little speck and nurture it from the start.

They can be very topical, like a "UX" community, or "Security", "Infra", or more broad like "FOSS advocacy & services".

@clacke @strypey @deejoe @TMakarios

“Individuals matter”

Like I’ve been saying for a while, the reason why most modern software is broken is that modern management is broken.

"In general, Software, on today's Hardware, can pretty much always be very fast. [...] ...there really isn't ever any reason anymore for things to be slow. The reason they're slow is because we don't spend time making them fast."

Hi folks. Just a note for those interested that I have resigned my day job at the United Nations Foundation.

I am looking forward to continue my work as a champion for #FreeSoftware & digital rights, particularly for humanitarian causes, international development, and peacemaking.

For now I'm eager to spend some time over the year-end holidays and do some reading and learning about the best initiatives out there.

(And of course continuing to help serve the delightful community!)

On the "Tech Won't Save Us" podcast this week, Paris Marx is joined by Mark McGurl to discuss what the Age of #Amazon has meant for the books we read, and the authors who write them.

The same company who will get a novel to you overnight has also created the environment in which you'll never have time to read it.

Also discussion of what Amazon has meant for authors, particularly non-traditionally published authors - including the pitfalls of the seeming opportunities for self-publication that Amazon created.


the next hearing is scheduled for November 16th, if you are one of those folks that have power and fancy that you played the game to use it for good, this might be one time.

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This is the **very first alpha** release of GoToSocial. Much of the feature set is already there, much is missing.

For documentation, see If you're just getting started, the quick-and-dirty install guide will be particularly valuable:

There will be bugs and issues! Please use the issue tracker on the github repository (and make sure you're not reporting a duplicate issue).

For help, check out the Matrix channel mentioned in :)

Docker image is available at superseriousbusiness/gotosocial:0.1.0 and it works great, but installation for Docker is not documented yet (that's on the way).

Hi all! We're the folks behind Co-op Cloud (, a project which aims to build out a digital configuration commons for tech co-ops and democratic tech collectives. Our approach aims to maximise sharing, co-operation and reuse for setting up and maintaining libre software infrastructure. We have a public matrix room at ``, feel welcome! The project is currently in public alpha and super young ☁️ 🎩 💻
#introductions #tech #coops #coopcloud #commons

aaron swartz remembrance day, sui ment., US justice system, pol, maia, boosts ok 

it's aaron swartz remembrance day today and i feel like i should use this to talk about something i think about a lot and that i think should be more widely talked about.

aaron's death was murder. it's as simple as that. the way the us justice system deals with hackers and other "national security threats" (and just the US justice system in general) is explicitly to break people. it's psychological torture intended to either make you bend to their will, off yourself or just become a psychological wreck that is no longer a risk to the system. i don't think it's really possible to understand this until you're subjected to it yourself, and unfortunately i'm subject to a small degree of the same pressure.

the main weapon the US justice system uses to break people is uncertainty, you don't know what's going to happen to you, you don't know when it's going to happen to you and you might just not hear anything for a year. but during that entire time you're aware of the fact that the US may be watching you at all times, they can use all tools at their disposal and anything you say or do can and probably will be used against you in your case. i'm still not entirely sure how good it is for me to talk about this stuff, i'd talk about it a lot more often if i knew (or not at all). they also break you with the conscious misunderstanding of facts, of what you've done, the fact that they do not care about the publics opinion, they make it very clear that they can do with you whatever they want. this all on top of the usual pressure such as like the prospect of the actual sentence itself, the money this kind of case requires, the constant fear of losing even more, not knowing when and if ever you can freely speak and travel again, not knowing when your last free day for the next two decades will be and the painful realization that there is absolutely no guarantee that there isn't just another sealed indictment waiting for you around the corner.

it's hard not to break under this pressure. i fully understand the decision of everyone who broke under this, rest in peace aaron, rest in peace kevin, rest in peace everyone i forgot about. i will try my best not to break, purely out of spite, out of anger in the name of everyone who broke before and because i have the small advantage of not actually being in the US. but let me tell you, if i do break, please don't hold it against me, understand that this is not something any human should ever have to go through, no matter what they may or may not have done.

this is not a call for sympathy, this is a call for anger.

On this #AaronSwartz day, consider how the public image of #hackers affects creative tech-savvy people. How it might have affected Aaron.

Aaron was an easy target for US DoJ, partly because "of course hackers are bad". Perhaps Aaron would be alive today had the hacker movement not been demonized as much in the mainstream.

Consider this next time you use the word "hacker" when you mean "cybercriminal":

There's all this #metaverse hype right now. "Seoul will be the first city government to join the metaverse!" screamed a headline today.

Makes me wonder: has the world forgotten #SecondLife?

In honour of Aaron Swartz Day, here's a link to the award-winning documentary about him, which you can legally watch right here on the Fediverse thanks to its creative commons licence:

...and here's a tip about one of the technologies which Swartz played a major role in developing...

You can follow Mastodon accounts through RSS if you prefer:

1. Go to the profile page of the account you want to follow.

2. Click on the profile picture to open its public profile page.

3. Copy the public profile page's URL and add .rss to the end of it, then add this address to your feed reader.

For example, to follow FediTips via RSS, use the address in your feed reader.

(Note that this only works for that account's public posts)

#RSS #MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Fediverse #AaronSwartz #AaronSwartzDay

@be I tend to try to avoid cringe "good old days" tech takes now that I'm older and wiser, but I like the one that "it's not a podcast if it doesn't have an RSS feed"

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