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if you think its crazy that google put a guy on leave for saying their AI was sentient,, wait til you hear about all the ethics researchers that google has fired because they said their AI was racist

Cringe, Billionaires 

Centibillionaire is an actual word in the news media now. It also has an entry in online dictionaries.

"In the future, the acquisition of intellectual property is no longer the driving force in our lives."

@bob agreed. I also think that our gov't needs to stop subsidising 'startups'. They're a huge waste, and they make it easy for foreign corporates to buy up our best and brightest, with no benefits for NZ. Any gov't support for them is tantamount to supporting "trickle down economics". In other words, a bad joke.

old woman yelling some more at the cloud 

you should probably ignore me, because I'm just the equivalent of aging COBOL programmer ranting at the kids and their super micros, and how they have no appreciation for the mainframe, but just you wait! the mainframe will have its comeback!

well it did, baby! in the form of Kubernetes.
COBOL didn't make the transition, but just like on the mainframe, you have full control over every aspect of the scheduling with Kubernetes. not that the hardware supports any of those features, slight drawback there. and when I say you, i mean you. Because of the three or so new IBMs, only one is actually willing to sell you its very expensive mainframe consultants, I mean Kubernetes engineers.

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Knowledge organization is *political.* 7 of the 10 largest companies in the world are information companies. We need to cut ties *now,* and by rebuilding our knowledge organization systems we can make tools also intended for public use that combat the surveillance economy

@xpil internationalized domain names (aka. IDNs) are a hugely difficult subject.

On the one hand, yes they enable these kinds of attacks.

On the other hand, speakers of languages using alphabets different than plain ASCII should have the technical ability to use their alphabets and scripts online in full capacity.

There is no good, clear solution, still. Using punycode solves the security angle, but dramatically reduces usability for anyone using non-ASCII script. I.e. most of the world.

@njoseph I first encountered views like this in the late 1990s or early 2000s, when the BigTech oligarchs were just starting what were to become their online monopolies. My first thought was "this is bunk". It's a very self-serving sort of narrative.

But it's worse than merely being self-serving. If we go back to Bostrom, complexity theory tells us that we can't know the distant future. The only way to get from point A to point B on the timeline of a highly complex system like the world ecosystem is *to run the simulation itself*. We can make guesses, but there is no mathematical shortcut.

So all this stuff about simulated people in the future is just guesswork based upon contemporary assumptions, which are likely to be wrong.

"... as a former longtermist who published an entire book four years ago in defence of the general idea, I have come to see this worldview as quite possibly the most dangerous secular belief system in the world today. But to understand the nature of the beast, we need to first dissect it, examining its anatomical features and physiological functions."

- #PhilTorres, 2021


This podcast episode of explores why billionaires don't see the climate crisis as a threat to themselves, unless it's runaway climate change where Earth might become like Venus.

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"Breaking Boundaries" is a good documentary on planetary boundaries and the perils of infinite growth on a finite planet.

Most discussions about the climate crisis are centred around emissions of vehicles and industries. This documentary explores 9 different planetary boundaries of which atmospheric pollution is just one.

It features actual climate scientists and conservationists; not people parroting the ideologies of billionaires.

A couple of friends have recently started a new channel in English with some climate philosophy and just premiered their first video: Kurzgesagt and the art of greenwashing

#Kurzgesagt #greenwashing #climate #solarpunk #gatesfoundation

friends in USA, print this out, and post it in your workplace and around your neighbourhood!

"The most important difference between a jail and a home is who controls the lock on the door. Most smartphone companies want you to believe that the gilded jail they’ve designed for you is the safest place to spend your time. Precursor takes a different approach. By giving you the keys to the lock, it gives you a home."

I'm gonna steal that phrasing.

Thanks to the wonderful @milan and his , our will be streamed live on PeerTube!

Saturday, May the 28th, CEST timezone:

14:00 - Real Solarpunk Technology

15:45 - Empowering Future Communities

17:30 - Is Solarpunk Just Another Style?

19:15 - What's Holding Us Back From A Better Tomorrow?

The device listing on the LineageOS Wiki isn't very helpful if you're trying to buy a new Android device supported by LineageOS. It was quite a struggle to find this ☝️ tablet.

Today, I discovered a third-party website which provides a listing of devices with useful sorting and filtering.

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It's Live! 🚀 :ablobcathappypaws:

Free Git & CI/CD hosting for everyone!

Currently 6 build servers using #woodpeckerCI

#selfpromote #git #gitea #australia #cicd #dev #devops

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