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Many years ago, a friend told me (and he has said this many times to many people): What is the most important thing you could do? Are you doing that? If not, why not? This has stayed with me as an important guideline. Indeed, our time is short, we should do the most important thing.

To me, privacy is something that is absolutely necessary for human beings to be free and the rise of surveillance is threatening this to the core.

I urge all of you to consider these questions. Devote your life to the most important thing.

In solidarity,
Ola Bini


If folks think that the world, on whole, is not an oppressive place with pervasive #inequity, they need to broaden their perspectives.

As #technology becomes key for individuals and communities to thrive, #FLOSS plays a critical role in ensuring their freedoms are respected and protected in those efforts. And that's why we need to ensure we're listening to those with the least power, to help build tools that work for everyone.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FOSS #diversityandinclusion

Yesterday Christine Prayon was awarded the Dieter-Hildebrandt-Prize of the City of #Munich and used the moment to criticise their switch back to proprietary systems.
She donated the prize money to the #FSFE to support #FreeSoftware and "our future" <3

All your compute happening in the cloud has been unsafe: any other process running on the same hardware can peek at what's happening in your application!

Find a continuously updated list of problems at the link and avoid the cloud.

In the same space, of excellent early inventions for fast computers, let's not forget one of my heroes, Lynn Conway, for "invention of multiple-out-of-order dynamic instruction scheduling" - an idea which IBM managed to bury at about the same time they fired her in an act of transphobic prejudice.

@vertigo @enkiv2

We are going to travel across Kerala (possibly across India if we get support) promoting federated social media services like and . We are going to call it . We have done a similar campaign in the past called . This time we are expanding the scope.

Vote here if you like to join/support the campaign

You can see the details about Diaspora Yatra at

Back when the GNU project was starting, among the first things they rewrote as Free Software were:
- text editor / IDE (Emacs)
- assembler, linker, and compiler
- make

IOW, they made tools that they needed to further develop Free Software without relying on proprietary tools.

They wanted their project to be self-hosting.

Nowadays, we have more free software than ever, but we develop it using github and Discord...

"our lives are scraped and sold to fund their freedom and our subjugation, their knowledge and our ignorance about what they know"

- Shoshana Zuboff
The Age of , pg. 498

We use the word "boilerplate" a lot at work. It's such a strange phrase that seems like it's probably traveled far from its original meaning, so I looked up what that meaning was.

It goes back to newspapers. Large advertisers and content syndicates would distribute ready-to-go printing plates to local newspapers that could easily just go onto the press and be ready to print without any modification. These plates resembled rolled steel that was used to make boilers.

Hence: boilerplate.

"There is nothing open about Open APIs."

"Where ‘free’ is the lie told to users, ‘Open API’ is the lie told to developers."

Finding people to follow on the fediverse (e.g. Mastodon/Pleroma) is simple! :blobcatmlem:

1. Start by checking the timeline for your local instance. See an interesting post? check the author's timeline. Are they or their posts interesting? Follow them.
🖥️ :blobcatcoffee:

2. Check their boosts and give their authors the same treatment. :blobcatfingerguns:

3. Rinse and repeat. 🔄 :blobcatreach:

Is your local instance too quiet? Try the federated timeline, but brace for noise!
🌐 :blobcatsurprised:

🎂 It's been one year since posted its #Introductions, so cake for everyone! 🍰 🍰 🍰 :blobcheer: 🎉

Wow. On the one hand it seems like just yesterday, but on the other it feels like a *lot* has happened since then.

Thank you for all the suggestions and feedback, and thank you to those who make #Alternatives that give us back our privacy. You are all heroes 👍

Learnt a bit of kdenlive today. Was able to split and merge video clips.

I was using from the commandline for this earlier.

For a simple task like this, it felt like using an IDE to edit a bash script. But I might discover more advanced features later if I keep using .

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