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In 2021, we were fortunate and thankful to have received $2,796,7929 in donations from our awesome Thunderbird users.

99% of our donations come from users like you, and we're transparent about it.

You can view breakdowns of donations and spending since 2017 at:

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this is why—i think—a lot of trek fans hate the jj abraham’s universe: it became more about capitalism and “making things cool” and “retelling the official franchise a million times to bleed the suckers who love it dry” and less about sharing human stories through a post-colonial lens (which many times was unsuccessful in the execution of the script but i digress)

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"An optimist isn’t necessarily a blithe, slightly sappy whistler in the dark of our time. To be hopeful in bad times is not just foolishly romantic. It is based on the fact that human history is a history not only of cruelty but also of compassion, sacrifice, courage, kindness."

— Howard Zinn

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Again with wishing I was not living in historic, unprecedented times.

Some boring ordinary times would be totally great around about now.

(I mean I doubt I'm going to get boring ordinary times, but I think some people might at least appreciate the joke)

This week on my podcast, I read my Medium column, "Revenge Of the Chickenized Reverse Centaurs," proposing a theory of the relationship between algorithms, interoperability and worker power (happy May Day!).

Let's break it down. Start with "chickenization": this is a labor economics term referring to industries that follow the model of the American poultry industry.


Nim is another new ahead-of-time compiled language with garbage collection. Like Vala, it gets transpiled to C then compiled with a C compiler. Curiously, it has multiple options for garbage collectors, or the garbage collection can be selectively disabled for manual memory management.

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Sad: This is the hottest summer of my life.

Change of perspective: This is the coldest summer of the rest of my life.

#ClimateCrises #ClimateChange

Tweet as if you’re on a stage, yelling to a loud and raunchy crowd. Toot as if you’re on a picknick, where you can look everyone in the eye. It’s that simple :)

Why do people buy phones with 256GB or even 512GB of flash? Do they use them to backup their PC? They have nowhere to upload their photos and videos?

Please help me understand what you do with that extra storage that's being sold at 10x the real cost of flash, and needs some form of backup anyway. 🤔

I spent a week looking around for a good spreadsheet program, and failed, then I spent 2 days building the perfect one.

thank you mario
but the tv show you're looking for is in another streaming service


Me: OpenBSD encrypted, no history in {shell,browser,irc}, all hard to use if not me.

Family and friends: Windows without updates, history and saved passwords for all.


Me: Android without google, all services disables, simplekeyboard, no chats saved and strange things to do all.

Family and friends: Android and Iphone without giving a shit about security and all logs chats and passwords saved, specially the bank one to buy online.

They are happier than me.

Hahah I feel like idiot but well, it’s what I choose.

@fribbledom I miss the times when I woke up without a headache and could start hacking right away

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