Dear after its also time to ditch ! Here is the alternative for - a federated sharing site. You can also follow pixelfed accounts and posts directly from itself.


"You can also follow pixelfed accounts and posts directly from #Mastodon itself."

sorry, it is not clear how to do that?

@janci @pavi Inside mastodon's search box, you can search for the pixelfed user you want to follow, paste his name in there, and subscribe to him. This way every update that person posts to pixelfed, it will show up as a toot on your timeline :) very useful.

@vancha @pavi

I am trying to find myself but not success. I can find another accounts from pixelfed on mastadon instance.

can you find my pixelfed account at

@janci @pavi probably, but I don't know what your pixelfed account is ^ ^ Can you share it? (maybe do it in a private message if you want)

@vancha @pavi

check my mastodon profile there should be link



Thanks @janci for helping out @vancha How does it feel linking up two different softwares 💪

@pavi @janci haha amazing ^^ did you know that because of activitypub, there are multiple platforms (like peertube) that connect to mastodon in the same way as pixelfed? :)

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