Appalled at pro CAB and NRC forwards from Indian uncles. Are they forwarding without thinking or do they really think like this?
They compare India to North Korea and Saudi Arabia As states that have harsh punishments for those entering illegally. What amazing beacons of democracy to compare India with!


@smeedha I was tooting sometime about capital punishment and how we are making India the Hindu rashtr of Saudi Arabia. Did they go so low as to make the comparison themselves? Do they think people are that stupid? 😱

@pavi probably too full of biogotry to read And reason before forwarding.

@smeedha Thats horrible state of affairs in the country. Are these the majority whose forwards influence an election the result of which we are seeing in the form on and and crushing the dissent. 😒

@pavi Yes. a group, cushioned by caste and class privilege constituting the majority. They are not affected directly but drive and back the changes that affect the country.
They all seem to be driven by some unspoken hatred for the other.

Their role models are the likes of rajiv malhotra, subramaniam swamy, and tarek fateh. It would've been funny if the situation weren't so worrying. ugh.

I was thinking about general corruption of political parties. They did not have to keep strong Philosophy or ideals. But Amit Shah and money support from corporates changed the situation. They can't really compete with Amit Shah and they never had to put focus on ideals. Now there is no way they can beat BJP, if they stick to the old ways.

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