Dear @fsfe when you mention as the forgotten but still alive alternative, how do you conveniently choose to ignore a decentralised communication protocol with all the new features used by and even both projects which you mention as having some XMPP rooms 😲

@pavi @fsfe you misread (or they edited the text).

> For instance the Matrix protocol is a widely recognised and respected standard for secure and decentralised communication. This is proven by the fact that it is being used by large Free Software communities like Mozilla, KDE, but also in the whole French administration or Germany's armed forces.

@carl Now I am surprised that I missed it. Was it an edit? Totally confused. 😑

@pavi @carl We are afraid you missed it. The mention of Matrix as an example for one of the newer protocols has been there since the release. You may note that we also mention popular users like Mozilla, KDE, France and German allied forces

@fsfe @carl Ohh Big time apologies then. My reading skilly are falling down. 😒

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